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Two Nagas in Black Marble


INR 14,725


This magnificent art piece made in pure black marble beautifully portrays sculpting of two intertwined Nagas(serpent). The durable black hand-paintwork gives the sculpting a rich appearance. Designed in simplistic medieval style, the sculpting would look graceful as well exotic when placed in your puja room, living area or work place. Serpent Deities are worshipped for blessings of materialistic prosperity, spiritual progress and progeny and for removal of obstacles in getting married. Two intertwined serpents symbolize the connection between two opposite, Sun and moon thus representing the fundamental subtle body channels – Ida nadi and Pingala nadi. The lunar energy flows through Ida nadi and solar energy flows through Pingala nadi. The main Chakras of body are located at the places where snake-like nadis crossover. The balance between the ida and Pingal nadi through meditation and spiritual practices promotes spiritual growth. Thus Two Nagas remind one to endeavor to attain the ultimate purpose of life journey which is self-realisation or enlightenment.

Height: Approx. 10 inches
Base Dimension: 8 (L) x 2 (W) inches
Weight: 4.678 Kgs