Vamavarti Shankh on Kurma


INR 1,770


This Beautifully carved Shankh, made is heavy brass sits on a Kurma (Tortoise) stand made in brass. Auspicious symbols of Trishul, Om and Swastik are engraved on the Shankh.

Vamavarti Shankh creates positive energy, while Kurma brings in prosperity. The Trident on the Shankh is the symbol of the three qualities of Nature, The three Gunas, and the three prime functions of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer and it serves as a Protective Shield (Suraksha Kavach).

Shankh on the Kurma is considered to be very lucky and auspicious and is placed as desktop stand or in altar.

Dimension of Kurma:
Height of Kurma: 0.7 inch
Length of Kurma: 2.5 inches
Weight of Kurma: 106 gms

Dimension of Shankh:
Height of Shankh: 2.75 inches
Length of Sankh: 1.3 inches
Weight of Shankh: 96 gms

Total Height of the set: 2.3 inches
Total Weight of the set: 202 gms