Vashikaran Mahayantra Yantra Ring in Silver


INR 2,300


Vashikaran Maha Yantra is a mystical marvel which concentrates the energy of mind-waves to attract the person of your dreams. This adjustable Vashikaran Maha Yantra Ring is made in 100% pure heavy Copper and has the Vashikaran Maha Yantra on top and Shree Kamadev Yantra at the bottom. The combined power of these blessed and energized Yantras helps the wearer make good impression on others and to win affection and friendship. It should be worn especially on Wednesdays.

Wearing instructions: Ring is best worn on left hand ring finger, if you are a right handed person. This is the finger that connects to the heart which is the seat of God.

Diameter of Yantra: 24 mm (H) x 22 mm (W)
Width of band: 22 mm
Silver Used: Approximately 10 gms