Vashikaran Yantra Bracelet in Copper


INR 275

INR 375


The Vashikaran Yantra in Copper has the Yantra perfectly and neatly etched on a round copper coin, which is slightly curved to fit the wrist. The image of Kamdev Yantra is etched with precision on the reverse side, designed to touch the skin when worn. The Bracelet is strung in an adjustable thread with wooden beads of cylindrical and round shapes that makes this Bracelet more appealing.

The Vashikaran Yantra Bracelet helps to attract the person/love interest one desires (but it will only work if the person is right for you). When worn, It aids in bonding with the spouse/partner and wins the admiration of friends, family members, and other people of importance.

Mantra: Om LaKeem LaKeem Muma VaShyam Kuru Kuru Swaha !
Ruling deity: Kamadeva
Day: Wednesday

Wearing Instructions: To be worn on left wrist

Dimension of yantra: approx. 25 x 33 mm
Length Of Bracelet: 6.5 inches adjustable
Weight of copper yantra: approx. 6 gms