Vishnu Charan (Left Leg) Shaligram Murti


INR 19,100


The sacred Shaligram stone is highly auspicious and powerful due to fine carving of left Pada or Charan (feet) of Lord Vishnu on it. It replicates the right foot print of Lord Vishnu situated in Vishnupad temple in Gaya. With dual benefits of Vishnu Pada and Shaligram, the divine emblem is a must buy for every Lord Vishnu devotee. Representing the divine and beautiful feet of Lord Vishnu, it has beautiful carving on edges and floral carving on the toes. It encompasses carvings of various divine ayudhas (weapons) and Lotus of Lord Vishnu signifying protection and divine grace. With natural black colour of the stone and carving gives it a divine antique appeal. Ideal to place and worship in puja altar, sipping holy water as Prasad after Abhishek ritual of Vishnu Pada is believed to destroy one’s sins. The sacred Pada is also used in Shraad rituals. Vishnu Pada is divine footprint of Lord Vishnu formed when He descended to slay the demon Gayasura. It is worshipped for divine blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Height: 5.1 inches
Base Dimension: 4 (L) x 1.6 (W) inches
Weight: 663 gms