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Vishnu Laxmi Shaligram Murti - III


INR 16,725


This idol of Lord Vishnu resting on serpent Sheshnag with Goddess Laxmi is crafted in sacred Shaligram stone. The multiple hoods of Sheshnag forms a canopy above Lord Vishnu’s head while Maa Laxmi is seen seated near Lord Vishnu’s feet and massaging His legs symbolizing Lord Vishnu being unaffected by chaos and material wealth respectively. The coarse carving along the Shaligram on the top left of Lord Vishnu features Lord Brahma seated on Lotus emerging from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu has his right hand in blessing pose while His other arms hold His divine emblems. This idol with combined blessings of Deities and Shaligram helps remove Vastu shortcomings. Lord Vishnu and Laxmi together bestow harmony, wealth, abundance, success, and fortune and protect them from negative energies.

Shaligram is a sacred stone, which is the representation of Lord Vishnu himself. It is collected from the Gandaki Kali River in Nepal and does not need to undergo the ritual of Pran Prathistha (life invoking ritual. Placing Shaligram at home bestows blessings in six realms of life, which includes wealth, good health, worldly pleasures, spiritual progress, protection and righteous living. The regular worship includes an Abhishekam with pure water or Tulsi water and with panchamrut (mix of five substances which includes cow milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey).

Height: 3.7 inches
Base Dimension: 4.6 (L) x 1.4 (W) inches
Weight: 497 gms