Vishnu Shaligram Murti


INR 12,900


This beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu is sculpted in Shaligram Shila and is a meritorious murti for every home. The Shaligram shila is a self-manifested stone which represents Lord Vishnu and is worshipped for garnering the blessings of the divine Lord. The idol features Lord Vishnu standing on a Lotus pedestal, holding the Sudarshan Chakra (discus weapon) and Shankh (conch shell) in His upper two arms. His lower right hand is raised in the Abhaya mudra, a posture of blessing and protection and in His lower left hand He is holding His Gada (mace). The divine Lord is adorned with ornaments and crown and His face is radiant with a smile. This Vishnu Shaligram murti also has a Chakra impression at the back of the idol, which signifies the Sudarshan Chakra of Vishnuji. The Shaligram shila clears Vastu Dosha, and shields the dwelling with its high vibration.

The Shaligram Shila is found in Nepal's Kali Gandaki River. This sacred stone can be worshipped without Pranprathista (consecration), and it does not lose its power if broken or cracked. Worshipping the sacred Shaligram bestows good health, wealth, prosperity,

righteous living, material comforts, spiritual growth, success, supreme protection, harmonious and happy family life, relief from miseries, and brings abundance. Sincerely praying to Lord Vishnu absolves sins and leads the path to Moksha. The Shaligram Shila helps to align with the energies of the ever constant and divine Lord Vishnu.

Regular worship of Shaligram shila is done by performing the sacred bathing, Abhishek, with water and Tulsi leaves and a mixture of Cow Milk(without boiling), Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

Height: 2.9 inches
Base Dimension: 2.6 (L) x 1 (W) inches
Weight: 166 gms