Vishnu Vishwarupam Brass Idol


INR 16,400


Vishnu represents the aspect of the Supreme Reality that preserves and sustains the universe. He fulfills the devotee's genuine desires and helps him on his path. He carries a conch (shankha), a mace (gada).

Vishnu is known through his avatars (incarnations), particularly Rama, Krishna . Vishnu manifests a portion of himself anytime he is needed to fight evil, and his appearances are innumerable but in practice, ten incarnations of Vishnu are most commonly recognized. He also has a very important avatar, comes out with 15 head in a magnificent way known as Virat Vishnu. The 'Viraat' roop of Vishnu was shown to Arjuna in Mahabharat which is the combined form of all Gods and their powers. Worshipping Vishnu in this form guides a person towards his real Karma when he gets diverted in life.

The Snake stands with its hoods open over the head of the Lord Vishnu symbolizing freedom from fears. Vishnu’s vehicle is Garuda, the eagle, and he is commonly depicted as riding on Eagle’s shoulders.
Mantra: Om Namah Bhagwatey Vasudevaya
Design - Made in heavy shining brass.
Height: 11 inches
Base Dimension: 7 (L) x 4 (B) inches
Weight : 5.91 kgs