Yantras - Heavenly Geometries


INR 2,000.00


Translations by: Govind Das Aghori

A beautiful book having clear and large pictures of different yantras in full colour with their descriptions and meanings. Yantras are graphic representation of the divine and real tool of worship that allows one to makes an inner journey to the discovery of the Supreme Self. Yantra is also used by Aghoris as an object of meditation. The book also talks about categories of Yantras, their practical uses and meaning of various numbers and symbols. Authored by Govinda Das Aghori, this book is a must read for those with great interest in ancient knowledge of Yantras.

Dimension: 11.75 (H) X 8.25 (W) inches
Width: 1 Inch
Format: Paperback
Binding: Hardbound
Number of Pages: 244