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PRODUCTS FOR Yantra Mantra Tantra

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

  • We are a credited ISO 9001:2008 certified organization in the world.
  • Yantras have accurate, complete and clear diagrams and geometry, based on research of ancient texts.
  • Complete and perfect etching is done on pure metals or gemstones.
  • We inform the correct position & installation process of Yantra to get 100% results.
  • We use pure 22 carat gold plating or antique finish on thick copper or panchdhatu sheet or silver for metal yantras.
  • Yantras are exclusively energized and activated with beej mantra in accordance with the Yantric rites by qualified Brahmins.
  • We have a large variety of Yantras including 3 dimensional Yantras, Desktop Yantras, Chowki Yantras, Pendant Yantras, Yantras on gemstones/silk/metals, Pocket Yantras and more that suit modern tastes.
  • The exclusive range of Maha Yantras combine divine energies of different Yantras for getting powerful and quick results.
  • Yantras come in customised silk or jute packaging and Yantra booklet.
  • Quality check is performed on every product from inception to dispatch under strict parameters to maintain high quality standards.
  • We offer excellent customer service with team of around 90 people in the Head Office including Client Coordination team, Skilled artisans, Store Department and Dispatch team. All queries and concerns of the clients are promptly addressed.

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About Yantra Mantra Tantra

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for an extraordinary framework, especially graphs or decorations anticipated that would have secretive powers in prophetic or captivated favorable circumstances in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions.

Mantras are motivations or rhythms of the awareness. They make vibrations in the soul. Their influences, impact, system and method of working are each a secret.

Tantras, alludes to various and changed sacred texts relating to any of a few recondite customs established in Hindu and Buddhist theory. The religious society of the Tantras is basically Hindu, and Buddhist Tantric material can be demonstrated to have been gotten from Hindu sources.

We at Rudra Centre offer you books with illustrations on tantras mantras and yantras that will teach you the real effects of these mystical tools and get the best benefits from it.