Yellow Cowry Shells


INR 575


Cowrie or Cowries are naturally formed shells that are considered rare and sacred.

In the Hindu Mythology, Cowries was obtained from Samudra Manthan along with Lakshmi and other rare, holy and divine products.

Cowries are considered Goddess Lakshmi's favorite product and even related to Lord Shiva as it looks similar to His hairs. Those who have these cowries with them during prayer, gets the blessing for both Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi and they gain success, prosperity, wealth and fame in life.

Cowries are also used as tool to save children from evil and negativity. These are kept in the cash box or money lockers for financial prosperity and also protect from financial debacles.

It is believed that the possession of Cowries is considered to bring wealth and all round prosperity. This being one of the main reason to make it a part of the marriage attires of the brides in olden days.

The attractive look and the feel of the cowries urged many to buy them and use them as jewellery and as decorative product and even for various ceremonial purposes. In ancient times these cowries were also used as mode of payment in several part of the world.

Dimension of Sea shell: 4.75 (L) x 4.25 (W) x 0.9 (D) inches
Average Size of Cowry: approx. 25 to 30 mm