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About 1 mukhi Shiv Mala

1 Mukhi Shiv Mala

What is 1 Mukhi Shiv mala?

This is the rarest of the rare mala made from a choicest collection of rare found 1 mukhi rudraksha beads from Java, Indonesia, the place from where real genuine one Mukhi originates.

The 1 mukhi Shiv Mala has beads carefully and beautifully encased in artistically designed gold caps or silver baskets, to retain and preserve the health, quality and power of the beads.

The mala has 54+1 beads but it can be custom made up to 108+1 beads.

Benefits & Importance of wearing 1 Mukhi Shiv mala

One mukhi rudraksha is the most auspicious, divine and powerful gift of nature to mankind. It is the rarest among all rudraksha mukhis and is the king of all rudraksha beads. One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Shiva Himself, the pure consciousness or Paramshiva. This mystic bead is thus described as Shiv Swaroopa (Lord Shiva Himself) and blesses the wearer abundantly. The person who wears it has all worldly pleasures at his feet but remains unaffected by them.

It is believed that the wearer of this bead elevates in awareness and merges with the absolute consciousness of the divine i.e. ultimately attains Moksha. One mukhi rudraksha rules all the planets and also heals the Sahasrara (crown) chakra.

This power of this bead is multifold amplified when worn as a mala of 1 Mukhi rudraksha. This mala is recommended for Community Leaders and Spiritual Masters mostly, but anyone can wear it and benefit tremendously of its supreme and unique power, not only those in the spiritual path but everybody can wear it at any age and with no restrictions, to enhance their lives and for to rapidly progress towards all their goals in all the spheres of life.

It enhances spiritual connection and brings divine grace and luck in endeavors. It also brings understanding, compassion and knowingness as it accelerates one’s awakening towards the ultimate truth, joy and bliss.

At a physical level, it removes migraine, depression and mitigates all kinds of Central Nervous System and neurological disorders.

How to wear 1 Mukhi Shiv mala?

1 Mukhi Shiv mala is worn as a necklace on every day basis. The wearer can chant ‘Aum Hreem Namah” or “Aum Namah Shivaya” on the beads but is not compulsory given the powerful combination of 1 mukhi rudraksha beads that are strung together in this mala.

It is available in a unique size designed to fit all wearers. No special procedure of wearing is required for this mala other than keep it in its original box when it is not used, and there are no Do’s and Don’ts other than simply remove the mala when taking bath if soap or any chemical product is used.

How can I clean and maintain my 1 Mukhi Shiv mala?

Despite its uniqueness, as with other spiritual jewelry a soft herbal polisher can be used to clean the silver or gold, and the 1 mukhi rudraksha beads can be cleaned under natural flowing water as from a spring, a cascade or a river, preferably. Pouring spring water over it from time to time should be enough but in case the beads turn dry a little amount of light sandal oil can be carefully applied on the beads with the help of a soft toothbrush or similar.

On a spiritual level is recommended to meditate and chant Shiva mantras while wearing the mala on regular basis to maintain and enhance a good alignment with the mala and obtain a maximum effect from it thus releasing its maximum potential, but this not compulsory due to the power of this unique mala.

Why you should buy 1 Mukhi Shiv mala from Rudra Centre?

Authentic 1 Mukhi Shiv mala is an exclusive product of Rudra Centre only. Rudra Centre is the first ISO Certified provider of Rudraksha beads in the world with more than 20 years on the market. Today’s Rudra Centre reputation has been soundly established by its published research on Rudraksha and its unique developed RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) a unique methodology devised by spiritual leader Sakhashree Neeta Singhal, which taps the maximum power of Rudraksha in a way that 100% of its properties are harnessed and utilized, and more than 20,000 testimonials of satisfied clients across the globe.

Will you provide the certificate of authenticity with this 1 Mukhi Shiv mala?

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by Rudra Centre along with X-Ray tests of the beads if required, as well as a Hallmark stamp and Certificate of the quality of the silver or gold too.