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Fourteen Mukhi from Nepal
Product Code : R14

INR 75,000 | USD 1,035.00

Bead Size: 28 mm
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Fourteen Mukhi from Nepal - C
Product Code : R14DW

INR 75,000 | USD 1,035.00

Bead Size: 29 mm

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About 14 mukhi Rudraksha

Of all the beads, a Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha bead is regarded as the bead of strength, willpower and determination. The ancient seers called it as a Deva Mani, a Gem of divinity. This bead is best for anyone willing to overcome all the odds with strong willpower, divine intuition and lots courage. The wearer naturally develops tendency to take risks and attain success. Also this Rudraksha bead is ruled by planets Mars and Saturn. These planets when pacified offer stability in profession and gives rewards for hard work, respectively.

Ruling Deity of Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha The ruling deity of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha bead is Lord Hanuman who represents devotion and dedication to his master, Lord Rama. Also, he is the embodiment of complete mastery over senses. One who wears a Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha bead is blessed by Lord Hanuman.

Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra:

“Om Namah” Chant this mantra while doing japa.

Benefits of Wearing Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha Bead:

  • Gives strong will power and valor
  • Invokes the grace of Lord Hanuman, who blesses with fearlessness
  • Pacifies the malefic influence of Mars (Mangal Dosha)
  • Makes you have a steady approach towards, problem solving, in life
  • Best for businessmen, households, politicians, corporate managers and leaders.

Identifying and Buying Original Certified Rudraksha Beads Online:

In an original Rudraksha, the mukhis are well defined and move end to end. The corns and contours are natural and there are no cracks along the mukhis. The beads are lustrous, healthy and devoid of any insect holes. Rudraksha beads are primarily procured from Nepal and Java. Nepal beads are comparatively bigger in size and have deeper and clearer Mukhis (lines) than Java beads. Both Nepal and Java Rudraksha beads emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centers viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in wearer’s life.

How to Wear Rudraksha Bead for Maximum Benefits:

Rudraksha may be worn in silk/wool thread or capped in silver/ gold. It is recommended to wear them as per RRST for optimum results. They are worn 24x7, for the initial 10-14 days and then can be worn during the day and taken off at night during sleep. The Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) recommends wearing of the beads in a manner that their full properties are utilised. To know more about