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PRODUCTS FOR 16 mukhi Rudraksha

Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - LIV
Product Code : R16BD

INR 71,500 | USD 986.70

Bead Size: 24 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - XCIV
Product Code : R16EA

INR 71,500 | USD 986.70

Bead Size: 27 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - III
Product Code : R16DC

INR 71,500 | USD 986.70

Bead Size: 26 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - V
Product Code : R16DE

INR 71,500 | USD 986.70

Bead Size: 26 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - C
Product Code : R16EG

INR 75,000 | USD 1,035.00

Bead Size: 27 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - CI
Product Code : R16EH

INR 75,000 | USD 1,035.00

Bead Size: 28 mm
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - LI
Product Code : R16CJ

INR 90,000 | USD 1,242.00

Bead Size: 29 mm
Sold Out
Sixteen Mukhi from Nepal - XCV
Product Code : R16EB

INR 71,500 | USD 986.70

Bead Size: 26 mm

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About 16 mukhi Rudraksha

16 Mukhi Rudraksha: Buy Online Sola Mukhi Original Rudraksha Bead (Nepal) For Best Price

A Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha bead is ruled by Planet Moon which controls your emotions, personal needs, basic habits and mental faculty. If your Moon is malefic in your Birth Chart, you have issues like instability, fears and insecurities in your career. Wearing this bead deals with all these issues, especially, the one related to your mind. A malefic moon means you are moody, restless and at times irrational. There are situations where you become oversentimental and take decisions that lead to failures, eventually. This is because you do not have a mental serenity and get swayed by the opinions of others. As a result, taking sound decisions becomes an illusion for you. Wearing a Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha bead pacifies all the malefic aspects of Moon. Planet Moon once pacified offers mental brilliance and emotional stability, which are absolutely essential.

Ruling Deity of Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

This bead is ruled by Lord Mahamrityunjaya, one of the divine forms of Lord Shiva. Primarily Lord Mahamrityunjaya is associated with longer life but the Lord also blesses with health, wealth, peace, prosperity and contentment in life. Once you wear and chant its Beej mantra, you actually realize your potential, feel divine vibrations that ward off negative and evil forces and receive a powerful protection shield around yourself.

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra:

“Om Hreem Hoom Namah” - Chant this mantra while doing japa.

Benefits of Wearing Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha Bead:

  • Blesses with victory, protection and fearlessness
  • Protects from diseases, adverse circumstances, evil forces, nightmares, fears of loss, lack of resources and support
  • Nullifies the malefic effects of Planet Moon
  • Helps you face, disputes and court cases, confidently.
  • Makes physical, mental and sensory ability stronger
  • It gives relief from kidney, intestine, uterus, ulcer problems and also lower back pains.

Identifying and Buying Original Certified Rudraksha Beads Online:

In an original Rudraksha, the mukhis are well defined and move end to end. The corns and contours are natural and there are no cracks along the mukhis. The beads are lustrous, healthy and devoid of any insect holes. Rudraksha beads are primarily procured from Nepal and Java. Nepal beads are comparatively bigger in size and have deeper and clearer Mukhis (lines) than Java beads. Both Nepal and Java Rudraksha beads emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centers viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in wearer’s life.

How to Wear Rudraksha Bead for Maximum Benefits:

Rudraksha may be worn in silk/wool thread or capped in silver/ gold. It is recommended to wear them as per RRST for optimum results. They are worn 24x7, for the initial 10-14 days and then can be worn during the day and taken off at night during sleep. The Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) recommends wearing of the beads in a manner that their full properties are utilised. To know more about