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About 2 mukhi Moon Mala

2 Mukhi Moon Mala

What is 2 mukhi Rudraksha Moon mala?

2 mukhi rudraksha mala is made of smooth, uniform and select two mukhi rudraksha beads from Java, Indonesia. 2 mukhi rudraksha is Ardhanareeshwara form of Lord Shiva, the unified form of Shiva & Shakti, thus promotes unity and harmony.

Strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, it is hand-knotted and strung in thread, as well as in beautiful silver cap designs and with pearl gemstones too.

This mala can be worn regularly or can be used to chant mantras.

It is available in 27+1, 32+1, 54+1 or 108+1 beads in different sizes.

Benefits & Importance of wearing 2 mukhi Moon mala

The most divine and beautiful form of unification in the universe is represented by the original 2 mukhi rudraksha. It symbolizes Ardhanareeshwara which is the unified form of Shiva & Shakti. The do mukhi rudraksha bead is the symbol of unification of mind and Soul symbolized by the Shivalinga, thus this mala is highly recommended for those in search of the ideal life partner. This divine mala should be worn by those who need to enhance their relationship with the self and others, and provides healing energy for the mind and the emotions.

The wearer of 2 mukhi rudraksha mala is blessed with wealth, happiness and inner bliss and fulfillment of desires. It promotes harmony, gives emotional stability in all relationships by removing malefic effects of planet Moon, releases fear and insecurity; it removes self doubt and enhances self esteem.

This powerful Moon mala promotes unity and togetherness as well as peace in all types of relationships. It transforms one’s personality and outlook in a positive way, and it heals, balances and opens Swadhisthana (sacral) chakra.

Do mukhi rudraksha mala can be worn by anyone without any restrictions. It is ruled by the Moon which is linked to childhood so it can also be worn and prove to be very beneficial for children at early ages, especially those facing some kind of mental or emotional imbalance during their growing up.

At a physical level, it heals diseases of the kidneys and intestines. It heals sexual diseases and it cures infertility. It strengthens the muscles.

How to wear 2 mukhi Moon mala?

The best way to wear this powerful mala is to wear it as a necklace in a silk or wool thread, or get it capped in silver or gold. As planet Moon rules this divine mala it is recommended to start wearing it on Monday after chanting its beej mantra ‘Om Namah’ 108 times. Get up early on Monday, take bath and wear clean and fresh clothes, then sit facing your puja altar at your home in the East direction and after chanting the above you can start wearing it.

There are no Do’s and Don’ts other than simply remove the mala when taking bath if soap or any chemical product is used to avoid damage of the beads.

You can then wear it every day.

How can I clean & maintain my 2 mukhi Moon mala?

In order to clean 2 mukhi rudraksha mala in thread you just need to carefully with the help of a soft toothbrush clean the beads under running tap water, then let it dry under sun. In case of it being capped in silver or gold use an herbal polisher too. In case of the beads getting dry you can apply a few amount of sandal oil all over the mala beads and then wipe with a cloth and let dry under sun before wearing.

On a spiritual level is recommended but not compulsory to chant its beej mantra 108 times any day but preferably on Mondays.

This is a high quality mala with long-term durability.

What is the price of 2 mukhi Moon mala?

2 mukhi rudraksha mala price varies depending upon the number of beads, size and jewelry (silver or gold) of the mala which can contain also pearl gemstone.

Why you should buy 2 mukhi Moon mala from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first ISO Certified provider of Rudraksha beads in the world with more than 20 years on the market. Today’s Rudra Centre reputation has been soundly established by its published research on Rudraksha and its unique developed RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) a unique methodology devised by spiritual leader Sakhashree Neeta Singhal, which taps the maximum power of Rudraksha in a way that 100% of its properties are harnessed and utilized, and more than 20,000 testimonials of satisfied clients across the globe.

Will you provide the certificate of authenticity with 2 mukhi Moon mala?

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by Rudra Centre along with a Certificate from Govt. certified laboratories in case of having Pearl gemstone.