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About 3 mukhi Agni Mala

What is 3 mukhi Rudraksha Agni mala?

When 108+1 and 54+1 genuine and original 3 mukhi Rudraksha beads of Java origin are strung together in the form of a rosary (mala), it is known as a 3 mukhi Agni mala. The reason it is called as ‘Agni mala’ is because the 3 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Sun and its ruling deity is ‘Agni dev’. The 3 mukhi Rudraksa mala is a very powerful mala. It possesses the divine principles of Lord Agni and when it is worn by an individual, the wearer experiences many benefits on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

You can buy the 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala online at the best price from Rudra Centre. We offer an exclusive range of three mukhi Rudraksha mala which are available in various stringing options, designs and size.

Benefits & Importance of wearing 3 mukhi Agni mala?

The 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala is one of the most powerful Rudraksha malas that holds divine energies of the Fire God. Listed below are the general and therapeutic benefits the three mukhi Rudraksha mala offers

  • Helps to release stress.
  • Calms the mind and body.
  • Offers relief from ailments related to Liver.
  • Leads the wearer on the path of success by liberating one from the sins done in past life.
  • Encourages Self- respect.
  • The wearer of the three mukhi Rudraksha mala is cured from ailments related to the stomach.
  • Helps to get rid of Acidity.
  • Removes obstacles that the wearer is facing due to karmas done in past.
  • Offers a great digestive system.
  • Wards off the emotion of victimisation.
  • The 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala helps the wearer to be aware of the present moment, rather than thinking about the past or planning about the future.
  • Wearer of the three mukhi Rudraksha mala is liberated from the stressful memories from the past that caused anger, shame and hurt.

What are the uses of 3 mukhi Agni mala?

Following are few of many uses of a 3 mukhi Agni Mala

  • The three mukhi Rudraksha mala helps to meditate.
  • Enhances focus.
  • Can be used to relieve stress.
  • Can be used to achieve success and prosperity.
  • Can be used to chant mantras of Surya dev and Agni dev.
  • Can be used to break free from the memories of the past and beliefs that hinder growth.

Can 3 mukhi Agni mala be worn around the neck?

While stringing the Rudraksha mala which is worn around the neck, one needs to be careful, so that the circuit of energy is maintained as it flows through each bead in a particular manner. Also since Rudraksha work as capacitors they have polarities which need to be arranged in a particular fashion so that flow of energy is maintained.

Procedure for wearing 3 mukhi Agni mala

Given below is the detailed procedure of wearing the 3 mukhi Rudraksha Mala

  • It is advisable to wear the divine 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Rudraksha mala after you have energised it. Remember, we at Rudra Centre energise all the products before it is dispatched to the client.
  • You can wear the three mukhi Rudraksha mala in a combination of 27+1 or 32+1 or 54+1 or 108+1 beads.
  • It is believed that Sunday is the auspicious day on which a three mukhi Rudraksha mala can be worn.
  • Chant the mantra "AUM KLEEM NAMAH" 108 times.
  • Once you finish chanting, you can apply sandalwood paste kumkum on the 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala.

How many beads does 3 mukhi Agni mala contain?

A 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala comprises of the following numbers of beads and a sumeru 27+1 or 32+1 or 54+1 or 108+1 beads

From where can I buy genuine quality 3 mukhi Agni mala?

You can buy the 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala online from Rudra Centre at the best price. We are one of the most trusted e-commerce companies who deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious products and services. We offer an elegant range of 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala online which are skilfully strung in various stringing options by our highly experienced artisans. The mystical and powerful 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala is available in Java and Nepal varieties, which you can choose from.

Why you should buy 3 mukhi Agni mala from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is one of the most renowned names globally. We are one of the pioneers who deal in supplying authentic spiritual and religious products and services across the globe and have more than 20,000 happy clientele. Offering genuine and quality products along with prompt customer service is what helps us to be the market leader.

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How can I test the genuineness of 3 mukhi Agni mala?

You can get the Agni Mala tested in a Rudraksha Laboratory in order to know whether the Rudraksha beads are authentic or not or we at Rudra Centre can test the 3 mukhi Agni mala for you but you will have to pay an extra sum for the same.

What is the original price of 3 mukhi Agni mala?

The 3 mukhi Rudraksha mala price changes according to the size, origin, health, number of beads strung, and the stringing options of the Rudraksha beads.

Will you provide the certificate of authenticity with this 3 mukhi Agni mala?

We do offer a certificate of authenticity with some product ranges which are exclusive. But as we deal in authentic and original Rudraksha beads, malas and bracelets, we can definitely provide you with a certificate of authenticity but with an additional cost of INR 300/-