Brass Abhishek Gaumukh Pot


INR 3,725

INR 4,600

INR 5,825

INR 12,500


This beautiful heavy brass bowl with intricate self-design is used for performing abhisheka(ceremonial bathing) of Shivalinga, Shreeyantra, Shaligram and other God idols. It has 4 legs and a cow mouth shaped outlet for the liquids to flow out. You may place this bowl on a platform or a high raised seat and place a container below it to collect the liquid.

Abhishekam is the process in which various Deity Idols and Shivalingam are worshipped by offering various holy items such as gangajal, milk, curd, panchamrit, honey, juices and ghee along with chanting of hymns and mantras. To allow this process to happen uninterrupted, the Deity is placed inside the abhisheka bowl and then the liquids are able to flow out through the outlet into a container that is emptied from time to time.