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About African Gomed Stone

Gomed or Hessonite is known for its benefic effects for Rahu. This beautiful reddish-brown stone is found in various regions across the globe and we have an extensive collection of African Gomed Stones originated in Africa. It is available in various sizes and shapes so you can get to select from a variety of options. We only sell Vedic astrology approved gemstones that are authentically sourced and energized.

African Gomed Benefits

The African Gomed Stone is powerful in healing the wearer mentally and physically. Its benefits are listed below:

  • It brings luck and protects the wearer.
  • It gives success and power as well as fame.
  • It helps get rid of skin problems and stabilizes the wearer mentally.
  • It is effective for destroying hidden enemies and transforming enemies into friends.
  • It brings financial stability and prosperity to the user.
  • It strengthens the wearer and energizes as well.
  • It helps the wearer think of new ideas and rediscover life in a new way.

Astrological Importance

Gomed is associated with Rahu (North Node) and helps reduce the malefics and enhance its benefic effects. Depending on the placement of Rahu in the Astrological chart, it can create obsession and dissatisfaction in that aspect of life; Gomed helps to manage those issues. It also channelises the cosmic energy to reinvent and think of revoluntary ideas. Wearing Gomed helps BALANCE Rahu leading to mental, emotional as well as physical well-being. You should consult with our Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy expert in order to know the correct gemstone that suits you.

Where to buy?

The African Gomed gemstone should be bought only from an authentic source to get the best results. Stones with impurities are not that effective and you can always ask for the certificate of authenticity from the seller to be assured of the quality.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a renowned brand and has been successfully serving a lot of happy customers for over 2 decades. We provide the certificate of authenticity with the gemstone. You can consult us and get the best advice before making a purchase. We deliver the products with utmost care so that your precious stone reaches you safely. You get original gemstones and spiritual products that are made with precision. You can not only get a loose stone but also a ring, bracelet or pendant as we offer various options.

African Gomed Stone Price

The African Gomed price differs according to the shape, size, design and cut. The price also depends on the country of origin and carat. Since we offer a lot of other making options, the prices vary and you can buy African Gomed online and offline from our Rudraksha Ratna shop.