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About Agate Necklace Mala

What is Agate Necklace Mala?

Agate is a gemstone appreciated for its different colors and banded form, which makes the gemstone one of its kind. Agate Necklace and Malas made of Agate gemstone beads of various colors look excellent as jewelry. Agate Mala beads are popularly used as a rosary or Japa Mala for chanting Mantras as the gemstone has spiritual attributes. White, Gray, Blue, Brown, Black, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green are colors of Agate generally found. Each color of Agate stone necklace has its own metaphysical properties, that make the powerful Agate stone Necklaces are valued as healing Necklaces or Malas

Agate gemstone is composed of Silicon Dioxide, a variety of Chalcedony. It is found in Volcanic Rocks, the minerals settle in layers in the cavities which make the lovely band of colors on the gemstone. Agate stone comes with 'eye' marking, stripes, some are solid while others may have fossil inclusions. The variety of color bands found in Agate are interesting. For example, A Blue Agate may have bands of lighter shades of Blue, whereas a Black Agate stone may have White or Grey stripes. Original Agate Necklace qualities are worth more than its price.

Agate gemstone is also known as Hakik. It is quite abundantly available in almost all countries, including, USA, Brazil, Russia, Africa, India, etc.

Agate Necklace Mala Value

Agate bead Necklace Mala value depends on the quality of the Agate Mala beads, origin of the agate stone, the shape of the bead (whether faceted, elliptical, round, etc), number of beads, size of beads, and whether the Agate gemstone is natural or treated. Though overall Hakik Mala is not expensive.

Where Can I Buy Agate Necklace Mala

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of high-quality natural Agate Necklace Malas of almost all the Agate colors, with different bead shapes. Options of Agate Malas with pure Silver capping on the beads are also available. The wide variety of Agate stone Necklace Malas we have gives you the option of choosing from them as per your desire when you buy original Hakik (Agate) Mala online with us. Our efficient services ensure that you receive your ordered Necklace Mala, safely packed within a few days of you placing the order. Buy Agate Mala at the most reasonable price with us.

Some Agate Malas in Our Collection

Black Agate Mala- Protects from malefic Planetary effects, helps to release fear
Red Agate with pure Silver capping- Gives courage, confidence, establishes harmonious steady relationships.
Moss Agate Mala- Posses healing powers and is said to heal the heart.
Smoky faceted Agate Rosary- Protects, releases fear, brings good fortune.

Use of Agate Mala

The Agate Mala or Hakik Mala is used for chanting Mantras, as a Japa Mala. It is also used to meditate. As the Agate Mala beads of different colors have their individual properties, meditating with the Mala helps to align with the energies of the Agate Mala and manifest the attributes of that particular Agate color bead. Wearing the Agate Mala after meditation

Benefits of Agate Mala

Gemstones are endowed with innate healing properties and so are the Agate Malas. Possessing attributes of balancing on mental, emotional, and physical levels along with spiritual properties. Though each Agate stone color has their own metaphysical and other properties, there are some common healing properties. The benefits of Agate Mala use for Japa, meditation, or when worn are significant for the user.

  • Agate Necklace (Mala) gives relief from anxiety by calming down the mind. It also helps to get relief from anger, trauma, etc.
  • The grounding energies of this gemstone Mala balance your inner and outer self. Brings balance between the male and female aspects within you.
  • Agate Necklaces have potent cleaning power, cleansing negative energies and replacing them with positive ones.
  • The Malas usher good luck and prosperity.
  • Agate Mala reduces insomnia, especially for senior citizens.
  • Having the Agate bead Necklace around is said to curb expenditure.
  • Agate Malas serve as protection amulets while traveling.
  • Meditating on the Hakik Mala enhances clairvoyant powers.
  • When worn, Agate Necklace Mala boosts the immune system, heals skin diseases, allergies, stomach ailments.
  • It aids in pregnancy, childbirth, and is also good for fertility stimulation.