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About Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets

Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets

What is the price range of Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets?

Amazonite Bracelet meaning bracelets made of Amazonite beads have different prices depending on the pattern, design, no. of beads and their size. The prices may also vary according to the gold or silver accessories added in the bracelet or as per the customization.

Where to buy an Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet?

Buying Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets from a trusted dealer is important to get 100% natural gemstones. Non-heated and treated gemstones are low on quality and do not have the power to give an effective outcome. Check the reviews of the seller before purchasing any spiritual product to know if the seller is genuine.

How to clean an Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet?

Use a clean soft cloth for wiping the Amazonite bracelet and store it away from heat. You can also use a solution of water and liquid soap that is chemical free. It will easily remove the dirt trapped on the bracelet and clean the inner edges as well.

Amazonite Bracelet Benefits

  • It brings peace of mind and new avenues
  • It helps focus and improves concentration
  • It draws wealth and prosperity
  • It enables spiritual growth and promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Its healing energies are beneficial to those who have heart related problems

Why wear an Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet?

It is worn for both physical and emotional healing. Amazonite removes fear and distress as well as transmutes aggression to a positive mood. It gives mental stability and reduces geopathic stress. It helps in cleansing the energetic space of the wearer and heals from within. It keeps the positive energies flowing and maintains a joyous environment. Amazonite also cuts off the harmful radiations emitted by mobile phones. It is suitable for the modern day users who wish to stay fit.

Which hand to wear the Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet?

Amazonite Bracelet should be preferably worn in the left hand for absorbing its powerful energies. This is a general way followed in case of no expert assistance but it is advised to consult a holistic healing expert like us before using any gemstone.

Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet Properties

It wards off negative energies and improves intuition as well. It creates a balance in life and helps in switching to a healthier way of living. Natural Amazonite stones have a soothing effect that alleviates anxiety issues. It is also used in Chakra healing and alternative healing therapies. Genuine Amazonite stones have white lines on it and more of a vitreous shine. The more the shine and white inclusions, the more valuable Amazonite is. When paired with other beads, it becomes more powerful and shows wonderful results. For the best effects, one should choose an energized Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet which is usually available at authentic sources like Rudra Centre.

How to authenticate original and fake Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets?

The main factor that determines the genuineness of an Amazonite stone is its unique glasslike lustre. Amazonite Gemstones with white lines are considered to be more valuable so check if the stone has such inclusions.

Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We have a great range of Amazonite Bracelets with various making options. It can be enriched with other gemstones or beautified with gold/ silver accessories. There are a number of different making options to choose from and we also provide customized Amazonite Bracelets.

Why to wear an Energized Amazonite Gemstone Bracelet?

An energized Amazonite bracelet carries more energy than a non-energized one and benefits the wearer. This process enhances its potential to show faster results in the short run. We recommend buying energized gemstone jewellery for reaping maximum benefits out of it.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energized or charged Amazonite Gemstone Bracelets?

Our gemstone jewellery is energized and undergoes a strict quality check. The Pundits at Rudra Centre conduct the sacred ritual of energizing by following the Vedic scriptures. We have a wide array of Amazonite Gemstone bracelets that have highly elevated spiritual and magical properties for healing.

What are the Amazonite Stone Bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

Amazonite bracelets have positive effects and do not show any negative side effects as such. It is advised to seek expert advice prior to wearing any kind of gemstone or gemstone jewellery. Also, the gemstone beads should not be broken or damaged as that may have a bad impact.

Why buy an Amazonite Bracelet online from Rudra Centre?

At Rudra Centre, we have a selection of beautifully made Amazonite Bead Bracelets. With over 22,000+ positive testimonials in the past 2 decades, we have been providing impeccable service and top quality products. We ship worldwide for the convenience of our customers. You can also find idols of Gods and Goddesses, , natural gemstones Rudraksha beads, Yantras carved in various gemstones, fresh items for puja and more in our collection. We provide certificates of high level authenticity so one can be sure of the premium and genuine quality.