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About Amethyst Necklace Mala

About Amethyst Necklace

Natural Amethyst Necklaces or Malas (in Hindi) are made of beads of the attractive, natural Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst stone is perhaps one of the most adored and sought after gemstones other than the Navratna because of its beautiful appearance and various properties that it possesses. The Amethyst stone is a Quartz mineral with traces of Iron inclusion which is responsible for its purple hue. Found in striking colors of Violet to Deep Purple, the Amethyst gemstone has been used in many ancient civilisations by individuals as jewellery or for healing purposes.

Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in the February month. Thus wearing an Amethyst necklace is said to be lucky and favourable for people who are born in February. Various advantages and benefits can be derived by wearing the February birthstone necklace made using natural Amethyst beads.

Amethyst Crystal necklace has been worn since time immemorial for protection and other mystic benefits. The Greeks wore it as they believed that it protection from intoxication. The Egyptians wore it to stay protected from black magic and witchcraft. Down the ages, through various cultures and civilizations, the Amethyst stone necklace has been worn for various reasons and purposes. Amethyst necklace Mala is worn to date as it has a healing effect on the mind and body. It aids spiritual growth, enhances intuitive powers, emanates positive energies and provided other such benefits. The Amethyst Mala is also a powerful tool for the purpose of meditation.

It is recommended that one buys a natural Amethyst Necklace Mala from a reputed and trusted gemstones provider, so that one purchases a 100% natural, authentic Amethyst Necklace and not the heated and treated Amethyst bead Necklace Mala. A treated or heated Amethyst Necklace does not give optimum results when worn.

Where to Buy Amethyst Necklace Mala?

Rudra Centre offers an array of superior quality 100% natural Amethyst Necklace Mala, with beads of different shapes and sizes, like Oval, Faceted, Elliptical, Drop shape and more. The Amethyst crystal Necklaces are available in various designs with tassel. Amethyst necklaces with options of Silver flower capped beads, necklaces with Tulsi Beads, and other designs of different length Necklaces and Malas are also available for you to select from.

Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Necklace Mala

Amethyst gemstone has natural healing properties which provide all-round healing. The gemstone thus is also called "all-healing" stone. Purple Amethyst Necklace Mala is worn for the many benefits that the gemstone Amethyst is endowed with:-

  • Amethyst Necklace is renowned for bringing spiritual advancement and is often worn by spiritual seekers, healers for this purpose.
  • Amethyst Mala benefits by calming down the mind and reinstating balance. It helps one to stay grounded.
  • Wearing Amethyst Crystal Necklace enhances intuitive powers and psychic abilities.
  • Negative energies are cleared and replaced with positive energies by the Amethyst Mala beads.
  • Possessing creative and passionate energies, the Amethyst Necklace brings innovative ideas and 'out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Wearing it gives clarity, helps in decision making.
  • Amethyst Necklace healing properties are said to heal insomnia, headaches, Migraine, joint pains, boosts immunity, helps in cell regeneration, and other such physical healing.
  • Amethyst Crystal Necklace supports in improving concentration and focus and maybe very good for students.
  • Wearing the Amethyst Necklace protects the wearer from evil energies and other lower energies.

Why to buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the first organization in the world to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual items based on years-old research and experience. At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and gemstones. We are the best place to buy Amethyst Necklace Mala, as we sell natural, flawless, superior quality, lustrous and Vedic Astrology-approved gemstone. We believe in efficient services, and customers can expect an easy and smooth process, from booking to delivery, when you buy Amethyst Stone Necklace online with us.