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About Amethyst Necklace Mala

How To Identify And Buy Original Amethyst Necklace:

Originally, Amethyst gems were extensively used by the ancient Greeks who believed that the stones prevented intoxication; ‘A’ means ‘not’ and méthystos means ‘Intoxicated’. These gems protected the wearer against drunkenness.

How to identify the original from the fake or synthetic ones? Keep in mind that it is very difficult to differentiate between the two because the synthetic gems are made in such way that they almost match the natural ones in terms of color and outer structure. However, we can still identify the natural gems


Natural Amethyst

Synthetic Amethyst


Naturally cold even in a hot atmosphere

Does not retain coolness and changes to atmospheric temperature

Luster and Surface

Crystal clear (if observed closely). No other minerals mix with it during formation. No bubbles or discoloration. No damage when scratched against hard glass.
No damage when scratched against hard glass. 

Bubbles are found. Easily damaged when scratched against hard material.


Primarily purple and different hues of purple. Violet shades. Slight reddish undertone with purple. Authentic stones have slight color variations (imperfections)

A necklace of fake Amethyst stones has the stones in the same color. No variations found.


Can be cut into any shape; round, heart, pear or square. If a necklace has rounded Amethysts, check for color variations.

If all the stones are of the same shape, check for color variations. No variations mean fake stones.


It scores 7 from the measurement scale (1 to 10)

Fake ones score below 6.

The above methods of differentiating between the natural and the fake Amethyst are not alone to arrive at a conclusion. It is better to buy Amethysts from an expert certifying their authenticity.

Amethyst gemstones: Uses, qualities and benefits
Natural Amethyst gemstones are the purest minerals. They are widely used in necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and more.

Used as an amulet: People during the ancient times used Amethyst amulets for protection against personal treachery and ambush. It helps enhance awareness and gives clarity to thoughts.

Used as a meditation tool: A person using Amethyst gems as a bracket or necklace can help calm down the mind and the nervous system. As a result, you can effectively meditate.

Benefits of Amethyst gemstone:

  • Relieves you from mental frustrations
  • Cools down the current of emotions and the nervous system
  • Cleanses blood vessels
  • Rub it across your forehead to get relief from a headache
  • Provides protection against evils and witchcraft
  • Activates and balances the sixth chakra (third eye)
  • Cures impatience, balances energy, eliminates chaos and promotes clarity