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Blue Topaz Bracelets

What is the price range of Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelets?

Blue Topaz Bracelet prices are not on the higher side but the rates may differ as per the other bead combinations one may choose. If the bracelet is customized according to the requirements of a customer then the price will change depending on the no. of beads used, their size, cut and design.

Where to buy a Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

Gemstone Bracelets should be bought from an authentic source to be sure of their genuine quality. Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet can be purchased from a credible and ISO certified company like Rudra Centre. An expert solution-oriented and credible company always provides a certificate of authenticity with gemstones or gemstone jewellery. Checking the user ratings and reviews for the seller can be also helpful to know if the seller is reliable.

How to clean a Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

The most important thing to remember while cleaning a Blue Topaz bracelet is to keep it away from hot water, hot temperature or sunlight. There are chances of breakage or damage if the gemstone is exposed to a warm temperature. Mix a mild detergent or most preferably least chemical-free powder with some water and leave the Blue Topaz Bracelet in it for less than a minute. Remove the bracelet from that water and use a soft brush to gently clean the beads. Wipe it with a soft cloth and let it air-dry.

Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet Benefits

  • It soothes the wearer and brings inner peace
  • It eliminates mental and physical stress
  • It helps get rid of restlessness and gives a sense of relaxation
  • It establishes a balance between the mind and body
  • It enables excellent self-expression and recommended for writers

Why wear a Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

Blue Topaz is associated with Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra and ruled by planet Jupiter (Brihaspati Guru Graha) according to Vedic astrology. It can be worn by businesspersons, entrepreneurs, travellers and salespeople for protection and expansion. Wearing a Blue Topaz bracelet is helpful for opening the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra and treating disorders related to the thyroid gland. It can be used by artists, writers, performers and communicators as it lets an individual express himself/ herself better. The gemstone bracelet is also good for meditation and connecting with the Higher-self.

Which hand to wear Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

There is no compulsion on wearing a Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet in a specific hand. It is suggested to consult a holistic expert like us before using any gemstone to prevent negative effects. Blue Topaz is a cool stone just like its gorgeous blue colour but seeking advice prior to wearing will help reap its positive benefits.

Blue Topaz Healing Bracelet Properties

  • It unifies the soul, mind and body of the wearer
  • It gives articulate and smart communication skills
  • It relieves the stress of the wearer
  • It is effective for sore throat and other issues related to throat
  • It gives the confidence to speak in front of masses
  • It helps writers to focus and express their ideas well
  • It pacifies aggression with its calming effect

How can I authenticate original and fake Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelets?

A real Blue Topaz feels cool to touch and hard as well. The first method of testing is by rubbing the Blue Topaz Gemstone on a woollen cloth. This will electrify the stone and it can attract paper or hair. The second way is to scratch a glass object or surface with Blue Topaz. If it leaves scratch marks on the glass then it is a real gemstone.

Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

At Rudra Centre, we have numerous options for making bracelets, one can get silver or gold accessories added to the bracelet as per their requirements. We also customize gemstone jewellery as per a unique and patented therapy called “RRST” (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy), “RRST” combinations jewellery is a holistic therapy that heals physical, mental, chakras and spiritual states.

Why wear an Energized Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

Wearing energized gemstone bracelets is beneficial for bringing effective results over a short period of time. The gemstones are highly energized with Vedic mantra chanting by our well-versed Pundits of Rudra Centre. Buy a powerful Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet from our collection today and experience healing, empowerment and manifestation.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energized or charged Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet?

Our collection of gemstones and gemstone jewellery are energized as per Vedic rituals. For best effects and positive results, we provide bracelets of natural energized Blue Topaz beads. Always opt for energized gemstone jewellery to tap its full potential.

What are the Blue Topaz Gemstone bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

No side effects of Blue Topaz stone bracelets have been reported so far. In fact, it shows the best results when worn after following our advice. It is important to consult a holistic expert like us before wearing any kind of Vedic gemstone jewellery.

Why buy Blue Topaz Bracelet online from Rudra Centre?

We have the most beautiful set of Blue Topaz bracelets. The bracelets also come with other combinations of sacred Rudraksha beads that become even more powerful and results are miraculous. Each piece is handcrafted by proficient artisans and the jewels are energized. Contact our holistic experts if you have any queries while purchasing or selecting the right bracelet. We have genuine quality Blue Topaz Bracelets for sale for the well-being of our customers. We have been committed to offering impeccable service and authentic products for over 2 decades.