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Blue Topaz Stone

The stunning Blue Topaz gemstone is a striking and attractive semi-precious gemstone that is available in various shades of blue color, from pale Blue to Sky Blue Topaz to dark Blue. This gemstone is popular in jewelry and comes at an affordable price. The meaning of Topaz comes from the Greek word Topazios, which was the name of the island in the Egyptian Red Sea. It was used as an amulet and talisman for protection or to attract power and good fortune since Antiquity. This crystal is revered for its captivating beauty and Air alignment, which make it ideal for communication and mental clarity. It is favored by those who place a premium on precision in their work, such as writers and public speakers.

Blue Topaz gemstone comes in many shades ranging from crystalline lighter hues like aquamarine to darker hues of blue like blue sapphire. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians have used blue topaz as talisman for protection against evil eye and negative energies. The hardness of blue topaz is high, 8 on the Mohs scale; its density varies from 3.49 to 3.57. Blue Topaz is believed to have healing properties; it enhances self-confidence and helps one express themselves with more ease.

The sheer beauty of this gemstone makes it a favored jewelry adornment even among celebrities all over the world. Its combination with Diamonds looks excellent which makes the dazzling and rich Blue Topaz Diamond jewelry. The Emerald cut Blue Topaz is well appreciated by lovers of the gemstone jewelry. Men’s Topaz jewelry is also sought after and is useful gifts in the month of December. Cute Blue Topaz charm is available which is lightweight and can be worn by anyone to also take advantage of its healing properties.

The Blue topaz Gemstone is connected to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the biggest planet of the Solar System and it has always been considered to be the abode of greatness and grandeur. Wearing Blue Topaz stone unblocks the wearer's Throat or Vishuddha Chakra, this is the chakra that deals with the body and soul's mode of communication and self-expression. It provides inner peace, intellectual guidance and is especially beneficial to businessmen, travelers, and salesmen, etc.

Blue Topaz is well known for its relaxing and calming energies which work on the wearer. The Blue Topaz gem is said to be a cool stone since ancient times having soothing effects on the nerves and emotions. It is blessed with energies of knowledge and is said to work on the mind. Blue Topaz aids in reviewing where one has gone astray in life path thereby giving the opportunity for correction. It aligns the body, mind, and soul. Blue Topaz gemstone is a stone of clear communication.

The vivid Blue Topaz gemstone has been used for its calming energies from ancient times. An interesting use was to use Blue Topaz for cooling hot water. The ancient world was aware of the Blue Topaz's spiritual properties and used it to connect with the spirit. In India, it has been believed since olden times that wearing the natural Blue Topaz gemstone can increase longevity and intelligence of the wearer.

The spiritual properties of Blue Topaz are meant to bring good fortune and possibilities for expansion. Its ruling planet, Jupiter, promotes expansive and plentiful energies to facilitate the manifestation of positive life changes. Blue Topaz can restore balance and equilibrium by harmonizing the functioning of the Vishuddha (Throat) chakra, thereby fostering spiritual development.

Other Names:Sky Blue Stone
Blue Topaz gemstone Planet:Jupiter
Vedic Rashi (Moon Sign):Aquarius
Lagna (Ascendants):Aries, Leo, Gemini
Blue Topaz Zodiac Sun Sign:Sagittarius
Blue Topaz Gemstone Chakra:Vishuddha (Throat) chakra
Birthstone of which Month:December


Blue Topaz gemstone can be worn by anyone for its healing, mystic and other benefits; it is highly recommended that an astro and chakra expert consultation is sought before wearing Blue Topaz. In Chakra science, it helps open and balance the Throat or the Vishuddha Chakra. Thus, it is highly recommended for those looking for blessings of confidence, communication and expression. One may also consult a Chakra analyst or a Vedic astrologer to check the compatibility of the stone. This gemstone blesses self-confidence, communication, clarity and growth. You can take advantage of our expert advice on the suitability and compatibility of wearing this stone.

Blue Topaz gemstone is safe to be worn by anyone and has only positive effects. Specifically, it can be worn by people who find it difficult to communicate or express themselves. Those who are suffering from restlessness and mental tension or stress. Writers, singers, teachers and in general, individuals who are related to a profession where communicative skills are required.

Blue topaz is frequently linked with love and loyalty. It is said to symbolize eternal friendship, profound, long-lasting love, and trustworthy relationships. By wearing it, one becomes more aware of his or her inner truth and more attuned to the truth of others. As a result, blue topaz is an excellent companion for avoiding misunderstandings in all types of relationships and for increasing both inner and outer awareness. It brings out the best in both people involved in a relationship and removes any negativity.

Blue Topaz is known to calm, recharge, heal, promote, and redirect the body's energies to where they are most needed. It is a stone that enhances forgiveness and truth, and brings great happiness, prosperity, generosity, and good health and wealth. By releasing the tensions in your body, heart, and mind, it will help you develop a positive outlook.

Important Details:

Note that one should only wear natural, unheated, untreated Blue Topaz gemstones so they can experience healing and empowerment. Rudra Centre only deals in 100% natural, unheated, untreated Blue Topaz gemstones.

How many carats?5-9 Carats
Which metal for the ring?Silver and Gold.
Color of Blue Topaz:Blue
Which finger to wear in:Consult Our Experts to know the correct finger.
When to wear (Day and Time):Thursday morning
Mantra For Blue Topaz Stone:Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah (108 times)

Blue Topaz Buying Guide

Check its Origin:

For decades, Brazil has been the world's most important source of blue topaz. Almost all of the world's high-quality imperial blue topaz is mined in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The majority of Brazil's colorless topaz is heated and irradiated to produce Swiss blue and London blue. Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, and Russia are also sources of topaz. In the United States blue topaz is found in the states of Texas and Utah. In 1969, the state of Utah designated topaz as its official gemstone.

Observe their Color

The vast majority of blue topaz sold in stores today is colorless topaz that has been treated and heated to produce a blue hue. "Swiss blue" and "London blue" are two of the most popular varieties of treated blue topaz on the market today. We recommend wearing natural, unheated and untreated genuine blue topaz gemstone to really appreciate its properties. We, at Rudra Centre, only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones, including blue topaz. Other hues of Blue Topaz gemstone are: Deep Sea Blue, Ice Blue, Pandora Blue, Tiffany Blue, Royal Blue, and some other shades of blue too.

Notice their Clarity:

Crystalline high quality Blue Topaz is typically transparent to translucent, with few inclusions or flaws and exceptional natural blue clarity in a variety of tones. This gemstone's clarity enhances its beauty and increases its value. Although rare, blue topaz can be found in nature. When naturally occurring, blue topaz is typically pale in hue.

Examine their Inclusions:

Occasionally, a blue topaz crystal will form alongside a minute crystal of another mineral. These typically appear as tiny specks, though they may be larger. These are tiny, needle-like inclusions that resemble fibers. Technically, they are also crystal inclusions, but they appear differently than those previously described. When two large topaz crystals grow together, twinning occurs. It resembles parallel fractures where the edges of the two crystals meet.

See their Shape:

The natural blue topaz gemstones are elongated and feature parallel lines. Because of this, they are typically cut into long round shapes. As a result, blue topaz gemstones are most commonly found in oval, pear (teardrop), or cushion (pillow-cut) shapes. The cushion shape, which is essentially a square with a raised center and rounded-sloping edges, is the ideal choice for highlighting the clarity of the blue topaz. Aside from that, it employs extremely large facets, which enhance the luster of the blue topaz crystal.

Check the Carats:

For Blue Topaz of gem quality, the raw Blue Topaz is divided and polished into smaller stones of variable carat weight. In general, Blue Topaz weighing between 5 and 9 carats are appropriate for jewelry. Because Blue Topaz is sold by weight, Blue Topaz prices are calculated per carat. Stones of comparable dimensions but distinct varieties vary greatly in price. The more carats and clarity Blue Topaz has, the higher its price.

Avoid Heated & Treated Blue Topaz:

Due to treatments the Blue Topaz stone loses its natural composition and thus loses its natural frequency. These heated and treated Blue Topaz do not offer any healing benefits and should be avoided.

Check for Lab Certificate:

It is recommended that you should purchase Blue Topaz gemstones along a lab tested certificate which can determine its authenticity, treatment status and origin. Rudra Centre has been dealing in natural unheated untreated lab certified gemstones for the past 25 years. Our Blue Topaz are certified from trusted labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

Why buy Blue Topaz from Rudra Centre?

We only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones from their natural sources, which we energize in accordance with Vedic Vidhi, after more than 20 years of research and 100.000+ satisfied, healed, and empowered customers.

Can I give my used Blue Topaz gemstone to someone else?

You should avoid it if you are wearing it. However, if you have not used it for an extended period, you can pass it on to someone else. It is recommended to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it to someone else. You can also follow the cleansing and reenergizing process mentioned in the benefits section.

General Benefits of Blue Topaz

  • It imparts mental clarity and new insights.
  • It eases communication with the self, others and the world.
  • It broadens our communication horizons with the Three worlds.
  • It enhances both inner and outer hearing as well as listening.
  • It greatly facilitates meditation and spiritual practices.
  • It grants the wearer the ability to make sound judgments.
  • It helps cultivate intuition, mental sharpness and self-assurance.
  • It provides enhanced intelligence and a robust vocabulary.
  • It gives life direction when the path to follow is uncertain.
  • It eliminates all known and unknown forms of negativity.
  • It attracts good fortune to the wearer.

Health Benefits of Blue Topaz

  • It treats thyroid-related conditions.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It relieves auto-immune diseases.
  • It relieves bronchitis and hay fever.
  • It enhances the respiratory system.
  • It cures ailments from the throat.
  • It provides overall good health.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Blue Topaz

  • It amplifies one’s energy to unlimited possibilities.
  • It provides new channels of communication to the Divine.
  • It soothes and strengthens imbalanced Vishuddha chakra.
  • It unleashes inner wisdom and heightens mental clarity.
  • It attracts new opportunities for material and spiritual growth.
  • It promotes clear thinking, emotional harmony and inner peace.
  • It elevates our levels of comprehension to larger dimensions.
  • It awakens spirituality and connects us to our inner guru.
  • It fosters better communication in all levels of existence.

Astrological Benefits of Blue Topaz

  • It enlightens and strengthens a weakened natal positioned Jupiter.
  • It removes the negative effects of planets in the birth chart that are poorly aspected with Jupiter, thus releasing the negative pattern between both.
  • Since Jupiter is the most beneficent planet in nature, this gemstone enhances its propitiousness in the house it is born in as well as during Jupiter transits.

How to Energize & Recharge Blue Topaz Gemstone?

Blue Topaz purification alone is insufficient to obtain its desired benefits. Its energization is likewise essential. One must energize his or her Blue Topaz stone jewelry prior to wearing it.

Perform the activation or energization rituals following the completion of the purification process.

To Cleanse your Blue Topaz Dip it in Salt Water Solution (If possible, use unprocessed sea salt) OR you can perform the smudging technique using Sage or Palo Santo.

Keep it under Sunlight or Under Full Moon Rays for 10 – 15 mins.

Hold the Blue Topaz in your hand and Chant the Blue Topaz gemstone Mantra:

Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha || ब्रंबृहस्पतये नम || 108 times.

While chanting the mantra you can visualize white color positive energy surrounding your Blue Topaz and restoring its powers.

Other Mantras of Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) you can chant are mentioned below

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Brihaspati Planet

|| Devaanaancha Risheenaancha Gurum Kaanchan sannibham Bhudhdhi bhootham Thrilokesam Thannamaami Bhruhaspathim ||

The one who is the Guru of the Devas and Rishis, the one who is radiant and intelligent, The Lord of all the three worlds, I prostrate that Brihaspathi.

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Brihaspati/Jupiter

Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah ||

You can choose to reenergize the Blue Topaz on a Thursday.

Now, wear your Blue Topaz to appease Lord Brihaspati and receive His blessings.

How to check if Blue Topaz suits you?

Preferably, a powerful gemstone such as Blue Topaz should only be worn after consultation with an RRST specialist. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate if worn according to RRST, and we will add bhasm and energize it for only positive effects.

You can also give yourself at least 72 hours after embracing a Blue Topaz to determine whether or not you are experiencing any negative effects. If after 72 hours of embracing the Blue Topaz stone you do not feel even the slightest effect, you are safe to use Blue Topaz, as this shows it is safe and sure for you and it will not negatively affect you in any way.

If after a few days of wearing you feel completely energized, inspired, and normal instead of confused, drowsy and numb, Blue Topaz is a good choice for you. You will soon receive a subtle indication that wealth and good fortune are abundant in your life. Blue Topaz has been considered a gemstone of luck and prosperity for centuries.

How to know if Blue Topaz is working?

Within 10 days of wearing, you should start feeling calmer as blue topaz is well-known for soothing all sorts of anxiety. Its energy promotes relaxation and peace of mind, helping to manage emotional and mental tension. Blue Topaz's gentle energy calms the mind, slows racing thoughts, and relieves physical tension, reducing anxiety and promoting well-being. It balances the throat chakra, hence it helps you express your thoughts and feelings. This improves personal and professional relationships.

Blue Topaz's gentle energy can help heal emotional wounds and balance emotions and improves mental clarity, focus, and concentration by stimulating and energizing the mind. It is said to inspire creativity and artistic expression. Its high energy vibration can help spiritual growth and self-discovery. Its energy is said to enhance intuition, wisdom, and higher self-connection. You may be able to reach higher states of consciousness and discover your spiritual path. These are clear indications your blue topaz is working.

How long do the effects of Blue Topaz last?

If cared for properly, a Blue Topaz can be worn as jewelry for generations. You must wear it until your chakras are balanced. Typically, experts advise wearing gemstones for four years, after which they are no longer necessary.

For the best results it is highly recommended that one wears only 100% natural, unheated, and untreated Blue Topaz gemstones. As per the Vedic scriptures, a heat treatment harms its sattvic nature, rendering the stone less effective and beneficial. Like other gemstones, the quality of Blue Topaz is also determined by the four Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity).


The best quality Blue Topaz stones are bright blue in color with clear blue hue that is evenly distributed with no visible color-zone.


Best quality Blue Topaz stones have cuts that maximize the effect of hue, tone, saturation and surface area. They are usually found in round oval cuts to increase yield. If the rough is intensely colored, the cutter typically opts for the emerald cut because it optimizes color and preserves the most weight; however, blue topaz is cut in an extensive range of shapes and styles, including many designer-inspired fantasy shapes.


Blue Topaz of 5 – 9 carat is most popular in Vedic Astrology. Significant smaller and larger Blue Topaz are used in contemporary jewelry. Generally, the price of Blue Topaz rises as the size/weight/carat increases.


Blue Topaz gemstones are bright and have good transparency, the best are clear with an uniform surface and no eye-visible scratches or inclusions. The higher the clarity, the higher the price of blue topaz.

Dealers deal in Blue Topaz stones which are synthetic to natural but which are treated/heated and color enhanced, such as those sold as London blue topaz or Swiss blue topaz, so it is immensely important to purchase only from a reputed dealer with certification from a reputed lab.

Blue Topaz Gemstone Price

Blue Topaz price depends on its size, its cut, as well as its origin in terms of color and clarity. The London blue topaz variety remains the more popular option, because of the stone's vibrant blue hue. Nonetheless, this gemstone has been heated and treated, thus losing its many natural properties.

When a gemstone is heat-treated or undergoes the dying process, its healing properties are lost when it is worn. Blue Topaz has numerous curative properties; to maximize its curative effects, only untreated Blue Topaz stone should be worn.

Natural blue topaz price is not excessively high, but rather moderate. For making jewelry, blue topaz stone beads, artifacts, and other similar items, the Blue Topaz stone price per kilogram is economical for all who purchase Blue Topaz stone at wholesale.

The price of genuine, natural and unheated, untreated Blue Topaz gemstone at Rudra Centre ranges from INR 1,740 to INR 11,315 (USD 21 to USD 141).

How to Identify or Test Original & Authentic Blue Topaz?

The best way to check the authenticity of Blue Topaz is by getting a Lab tested report from a reputed laboratory. Rudra Centre only deals with Vedic Astrology approved gemstones that are natural, untreated, and unheated. All our Blue Topaz are certified by reputable labs like GIA, GLI, IGI and IGITL.

Look for flaws along with inclusions. Use a magnifying glass with at least 10x magnification to examine the Blue Topaz carefully. Look for specks and blemishes, as they form with minute particles of other material. These flaws are strong evidence that a Blue Topaz is genuine. Lab-created (fake) Blue Topaz have no inclusions of this nature, and neither do natural Blue Topaz, but if you find flaws, then your Blue Topaz is genuine.

Examine the gemstone for air bubbles. Essentially, lab-created Blue Topaz are glass that has undergone a process similar to that which forms natural Blue Topaz. Since they are made of glass, they retain miniscule air bubbles after formation. If there are bubbles within the Blue Topaz, it is not genuine. Be sure to inspect your Blue Topaz from every angle by turning it over. There is a possibility that bubbles of air will only be evident from a single angle.

Look at how light is reflected by the Blue Topaz. Turn off all the lights and shine your flashlight on the Blue Topaz. If it is genuine, it will only reflect light of the same hue as itself. If it is a fake, made of glass, it will reflect colors other than the natural color of the gem.

Blue Topaz Cleaning & Maintenance

It is essential to give your gemstone a thorough cleaning in order to preserve its luster, as regular use can cause it to become dull. This washing enables it to purge itself from negative energies as well.

Blue topaz jewelry can be kept looking as new with basic gemstone care. Soak the blue topaz in soapy warm water. After a few minutes, grab a toothbrush with soft bristles and scrub the stone gently.

Avoid steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, and sudden temperature changes as they can damage natural blue topaz gemstone.

No, Blue Topaz will activate and work only if it is in contact with your body at the correct position. To experience 100% results from Blue Topaz you have to wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for guidance.

No, heated Blue Topaz does not work.

If you have worn the Blue Topaz continuously you may not need to re-energize it. It is advisable to energize it if you have not worn it for an extended period of time. You can follow the steps mentioned in the Benefits Section.

The best way is to get a lab test certificate from reputed labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

With proper care, the effects of Blue Topaz will last for generations. The majority of the time, they balance the chakras, we learn the lessons and align with the planets, and we may no longer need them after a period of time.

Blue Topaz weighing between 5 and 9 carats are appropriate for harnessing its properties.

You can wash it with soapy water and use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove stains, dirt, etc. You can read in detail in the Quality & Price Section.

For the best results, use the stone as a Ring or Pendant and it has to be worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, RRST, which is a scientific healing method devised by Sakhashree Neetaji. To know the right placement of Blue Topaz gemstone, you may contact us as our team of experts will guide you.

You do not need to follow any precautions if you are wearing the Blue Topaz as per RRST.

You can wear Blue Topaz gemstone everyday as per RRST and ideally start to wear it on a Thursday morning.

Those who experience the psychological and physical issues described in the Benefits section, as well as those whose Throat chakra is out of balance.

Yes, Blue Topaz will suit you if you wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for proper guidance and how to wear the gemstone.

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Blue Topaz - 2.32 caratsBlue Topaz - 2.32 carats
Blue Topaz - 2.32 Carats
INR 1,400Product Code: BT63 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 2.39 caratsBlue Topaz - 2.39 carats
Blue Topaz - 2.39 Carats
INR 1,435Product Code: BT62 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 2.44 caratsBlue Topaz - 2.44 carats
Blue Topaz - 2.44 Carats
INR 1,465Product Code: BT61 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 2.90 caratsBlue Topaz - 2.90 carats
Blue Topaz - 2.90 Carats
INR 1,740Product Code: BT12 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 3.80 caratsBlue Topaz - 3.80 carats
Blue Topaz - 3.80 carats
INR 2,280Product Code: BT65 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.73 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.73 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.73 Carats
INR 4,640Product Code: BT10 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 4.76 caratsBlue Topaz - 4.76 carats
Blue Topaz - 4.76 carats
INR 5,860Product Code: BT66 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz superfine cutting - 8.60 caratsBlue Topaz superfine cutting - 8.60 carats
Blue Topaz Superfine Cutting - 8.60 Carats
INR 6,020Product Code: BT33 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 10.42 caratsBlue Topaz - 10.42 carats
Blue Topaz - 10.42 carats
INR 6,255Product Code: BT67 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 6.09 caratsBlue Topaz - 6.09 carats
Blue Topaz - 6.09 Carats
INR 7,310Product Code: BT31 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz superfine cutting - 4.90 caratsBlue Topaz superfine cutting - 4.90 carats
Blue Topaz Superfine Cutting - 4.90 Carats
INR 7,350Product Code: BT57 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 13.5 caratsBlue Topaz - 13.5 carats
Blue Topaz - 13.5 Carats
INR 8,100Product Code: BT34 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 5 to 6 carats - HeartBlue Topaz - 5 to 6 carats - Heart
Blue Topaz - 5 to 6 Carats - Heart
INR 8,250Product Code: BT02 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz superfine cutting - 5 to 6 caratsBlue Topaz superfine cutting - 5 to 6 carats
Blue Topaz Superfine Cutting - 5 to 6 Carats
INR 8,250Product Code: BT09 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 6.20 caratsBlue Topaz - 6.20 carats
Blue Topaz - 6.20 Carats
INR 8,680Product Code: BT53 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.9 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.9 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.9 Carats
INR 9,480Product Code: BT39 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 16.14 caratsBlue Topaz - 16.14 carats
Blue Topaz - 16.14 Carats
INR 9,685Product Code: BT18 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 8.3 caratsBlue Topaz - 8.3 carats
Blue Topaz - 8.3 Carats
INR 9,960Product Code: BT35 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.35 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.35 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.35 Carats
INR 10,300Product Code: BT37 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 6.90 caratsBlue Topaz - 6.90 carats
Blue Topaz - 6.90 Carats
INR 10,350Product Code: BT56 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 6.95 caratsBlue Topaz - 6.95 carats
Blue Topaz - 6.95 Carats
INR 10,425Product Code: BT55 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.45 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.45 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.45 Carats
INR 11,175Product Code: BT50 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.50 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.50 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.50 Carats
INR 11,250Product Code: BT54 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 8.30 carats - IBlue Topaz - 8.30 carats - I
Blue Topaz - 8.30 Carats - I
INR 11,620Product Code: BT11 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 9.85 caratsBlue Topaz - 9.85 carats
Blue Topaz - 9.85 Carats
INR 11,820Product Code: BT40 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.90 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.90 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.90 Carats
INR 11,850Product Code: BT49 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.95 caratsBlue Topaz - 7.95 carats
Blue Topaz - 7.95 Carats
INR 11,925Product Code: BT51 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 8.55 caratsBlue Topaz - 8.55 carats
Blue Topaz - 8.55 Carats
INR 11,975Product Code: BT43 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 9.9 caratsBlue Topaz - 9.9 carats
Blue Topaz - 9.9 Carats
INR 13,860Product Code: BT38 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 12.65 caratsBlue Topaz - 12.65 carats
Blue Topaz - 12.65 Carats
INR 17,710Product Code: BT41 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 13.35 caratsBlue Topaz - 13.35 carats
Blue Topaz - 13.35 Carats
INR 24,050Product Code: BT36 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 15.40 caratsBlue Topaz - 15.40 carats
Blue Topaz - 15.40 Carats
INR 24,640Product Code: BT52 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 15.65 caratsBlue Topaz - 15.65 carats
Blue Topaz - 15.65 Carats
INR 25,050Product Code: BT07 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 14.25 caratsBlue Topaz - 14.25 carats
Blue Topaz - 14.25 Carats
INR 25,650Product Code: BT44 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 16.10 caratsBlue Topaz - 16.10 carats
Blue Topaz - 16.10 Carats
INR 29,000Product Code: BT24 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 17.25 caratsBlue Topaz - 17.25 carats
Blue Topaz - 17.25 Carats
INR 31,050Product Code: BT48 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 18.86 Carats
INR 11,315Product Code: BT30 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.07 Carats
INR 8,485Product Code: BT16 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 5 to 6 carats - Oval
INR 6,600Product Code: BT21  
Blue Topaz - 8 Carats
INR 4,800Product Code: BT64 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.85 Carats
INR 4,710Product Code: BT45 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 7.78 Carats
INR 4,670Product Code: BT47 Origin: Brazil
Blue Topaz - 2.21 Carats
INR 1,325Product Code: BT60 Origin: Brazil


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