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Hinduism is a sacred religion that has so many different traditions compiled together. It teaches us a way of living and behaving in a certain manner according to Hindu customs. This is an extensive collection of books to understand Hinduism and they emphasize the age-old rituals and practices that are important. Religion plays a significant role in the life of an individual and such well-written books are a great help for knowing Hinduism. You can find the ancient Hindu books and best books on Hinduism at Rudra Centre.


There are books on festivals in the Hindu religion that help in understanding the rituals, the sacred days, rules of observing fast, and everything about the wonderful festivals. Books such as Fasts and Festivals of India, Faiths, Fair, and Festivals of India, Hindu Festivals, Fairs and Fasts, Spiritual Heritage and Cultural Symbols of India, Fairs, and Festivals of India, Hindu Fasts and Festivals give an in-depth knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses are very highly revered and worshipped with complete devotion. There are so many ancient texts that have mentions of Gods and Goddesses and the stories related to them. We have Hindu sacred books like Hindu Gods and Goddesses by different authors and Hindu Goddesses that give a simple overview of Indian mythology.

The customs and traditions of India are very diverse and our collection also has books that will help you learn about the various rituals in Hindu civilization. It is a great source to understand the mannerism of Hindu culture and it also shows how English education is influencing the thinking of people.

Samskaras are a pattern or way of behavior and books like Indian Scriptures, Hindu Samskaras, Hinduism – An Introduction, Hinduism for All, 7 Secrets from Hindu Calendar Art, The Sanskar Vidhi, The Vivaha have such authentic information. The rites and ceremonies described in the books are a good way to understand our ancient Hindu tradition.

This collection also has “The Mystique of Om” which explains the secular interpretation of “Om” in several aspects. There is a set of 14 books consisting of Chaleesa of 14 different deities and this all-inclusive set is available for sale. Another such set is the Epics Collection that has 10 titles named Nahusha, Purushottam Dev and Padmavati, Indra and Shachi, Harischandra, Drona, Heroes of Hampi, Surya, The Pandava Princes, Udayana, and Tales of Narada.


The books are in the English language and written very proficiently making it easy for everyone to gain knowledge about Hinduism. They can be used to conduct research and study the various rituals and traditions of India.


Some books are in paperback format while some are hardbound and both are durable. It is convenient to carry the books and paperback format as they are light in weight and cost-efficient too. The hardbound books are long-lasting so you can treasure them.

Where to buy it?

Spiritual books can be bought from a trusted source to ensure the information is true and factual. Checking the back cover of the book helps in getting an idea about the originality of the book as it has the synopsis. The best books on Hindu philosophy can be found online in our collection.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has the widest range of spiritual items and gemstones that are authentic and original. With over 22,000+ positive testimonials, we have been providing the best products that are of top quality. Our range of books on Hinduism has original books with reliable information that can be used for acquiring knowledge and researching as well.

Hinduism Books Price

The prices of books of Hinduism religion vary but are reasonable and the knowledge that they provide is priceless. You can buy Hindu books online from our Rudra Centre today.