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Brass Shivalinga

Shivalingam is the sacred union of Shiva, the male energy and Shakti, the female energy. This cosmic unification is a representation of the interdependence and the Creator and His Creation.In Hindu religion, the Shivalinga is worshipped to invoke Lord Shiva. Many sages and seers meditate over the Shivalingam for years to appease Shiva and seek His divine grace. According to Shiva Purana, Lingam is the pillar of light that appeared while Brahma and Vishnu were fighting about who is superior amongst them. This illuminating pillar of light later was worshipped as Shivalingam since it symbolized the power of the Almighty Lord Shiva.

Brass Shivling in various Designs

Shivalingam is made of various materials and out of which, Brass Shivlings look extremely stunning. The intricate carvings make the Shivaling one of a kind and the beautiful artistry involved is visible through the different designs. The metal artwork displays the amazing skills of the craftsmen who are traditionally trained since years. We have a variety of different Brass Shivaling that are designed uniquely to place in your home and temple as well.

You can find beautifully crafted Shivaling is brass in a number of varied sizes, designs and artistic work. There are sets of Shivaling and Nandi, the bull who is vehicle of Lord Shiva. They signify the glory of Shiva and are the right instruments to perform Shiva Puja at home, temple and office. Although the designs may differ, the authenticity and purity of the Lingam remains the same. The golden sheen of the Brass Shivalingam adds the touch of divinity making the Lingam look absolutely vibrant and surreal. Shivalingam has to be taken care of properly as Hinduism states that it is the physical representation of Shiva, the God of Gods.

Benefits of having a Brass Shivalingam at Home

Worshipping Lord Shiva blesses the devotees in various ways and placing a Brass Shivling benefits the worshipper in the following ways:

  • Fulfilment of wishes
  • Happiness and harmony at home
  • Blessings of good fortune and prosperity
  • Protection from evil forces
  • Relief from physical ailments and good health
  • Blissful ambiance with positive energies
  • Elimination of negative thoughts and bad vibrations
  • Peace and serenity in the home
  • Members of the home feel content and joyous

The Brass Shivalingam has to be worshipped on a regular basis to please Lord Shiva and fulfil your desires.

Buy Brass Shivling Online at Best Prices

At Rudra Centre, we offer the most supreme quality Shivalingam that are made of heavy shining brass. Each piece is a work of art as they are crafted by skilled artisans who are masters in the field. The Shivling are sourced authentically and you can buy Brass Shivling online from us today. Our worldwide fast shipping will allow you to order Shivalingam from any part of the world. The Brass Shivling price varies depending on the metal work, designs, set of the items, weight of the Shivaling, etc. While these factors change the price of the Lingam variably, the Brass Shiva lingam benefits are tremendous. It needs to be handled with care as it is the Divine manifestation of Lord Shiva.

We have the best Brass Shivling available at nominal prices with maximum durability. They are suitable for using during daily Puja as well as Maha Shivratri Puja. The sets that have both Shivalingam and Nandi are to be placed in such a manner that the Nandi faces the Lingam. It is a sign of auspiciousness and to be placed on the puja altar for everyday worship.

Brass Shivalingam with Snake and Stand for Abhishekam

Shivalingam with Snake and Stand for Abhishekam made in heavy brass is a magnificent piece exclusively available at Rudra Centre. The snake around Lord Shiva’s neck symbolizes the ego that He doesn’t want to keep within His body and rather adorn it as an ornament. This set of Brass Shivalingam with stand is a very convenient item for conducting Abhishekam. It is a ritual of bathing the Shiva lingam with water and panchamrit (mixture of honey, milk, sugar, ghee and yogurt). The additional stand makes it very easy to perform this ritual and carry out the Abhishekam smoothly.

The elegant design of this particular Brass Shivalingam makes it perfect for gifting to your friends who are devotees of Lord Shiva. It is a well-made Lingam with a majestic snake hood over it displaying the protection of Shivalingam by the snake God. It is a complete set for Abhishek ritual for home and temple. For best results, daily worship without any interruption should be done. Reciting “Om Namah Shivaye” invokes the God and eradicates the negative energies from home.

Care Instructions

Brass Shivling can be cleaned using brass cleaning solutions and alternatively, tamarind can also be used to polish and give it a shine. This can be done once in a while to keep the brass items free from corrosion.