Brass Designer Shivling - Design I


INR 1,500


The Designer Shivling made with heavy Brass, is carved with precision. The Yoni base looks lovely with carving of flower petals. The Lingam looks impactful with the carving of Lord Shiva's Third Eye, the Yoni outlet is made neatly, with fine carving on the edges and looks divinely radiant.

The Shivling represents Lord Shiva and has been worshipped since time immemorial in temples and home. Installing the Brass Designer Shivling in the Puja Altar at home or office brings auspiciousness and worshipping it brings calmness, peace, good health, harmonious relations, especially between married couples, prosperity, spiritual growth and awareness and brings Lord Shiva's protection.

Brass is considered to possess higher grasping power of Cosmic energies, in comparison to other metals and alloys. The combined effect of Lord Shiva's energies and Brass emits powerful positive energies which removes all negative and lower energies from the space it is kept.

Install the Brass Designer Shivling and receive the grace of benevolent Divine Lord Shiva to fulfil your wishes. Read more on Significance of Linga

Height: approx. 2.50 inches
Base Dimension: 3.75 (L) x 2 (W) inches
Weight: approx. 335 gms