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About Bronze Shivalinga

About Bronze Shivling

Bronze Shivlings look radiant and shining when kept in the Puja Altar at home and office/Business space. The Shivling denotes Lord Shiva and is worshipped ardently by Hindus all over the World. Worshipping of Shivlings is done by performing Abhishekham, a sacred bath with a mixture of Milk, Water, and other liquids. Mostly Bronze Shivling is available fully made of Bronze, i.e. Yoni Base and Lingam both are made of Bronze or only the Yoni base and Snake is made in Bronze while the Lingam is of other material like Gemstone, etc.

Nandi, the Bull, Lord Shiva's devout vehicle is an integral part of Shivlings installed in temples. Bronze Shivling is sold with or without Nandi. Devotees worship Shivling to earn Lord Shiva's blessings, benefits in all aspects of life, and fulfill wishes.

Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin and can be easily molded as it is highly ductile. Therefore, Bronze Shiva Lingas are easily made into handcrafted Shivlings, with designs and detailing of Shivling. They look beautiful in your Alter.

Bronze Shivling Price

The Bronze Shivling price depends on the size or weight of the Shivling. If the Shivling is full Bronze, then it is priced considering that. On the other hand, if only the Shivling Yoni is made of Bronze and has a Lingam made from Gemstone or any other material then the Bronze Shivling price will depend on the weight or size of Bronze Yoni and the Shivling price will include the cost of the Lingam too.

Where to Buy Bronze Shivling

Rudra Centre offers an extensive choice for customers to choose from high quality, pure Bronze Shivlings, available in different sizes, with or without Nandi idol. Our Bronze Shivlings are flawlessly handcrafted by traditional artisans of South India, who specialize in making the finest Lingams. They look rich, with traditional designs on the Yoni base stand, the hooded Snakes crafted meticulously in detail and the Lingams are smoothly molded. Available in our collection is the option of Bronze Yonis with Gemstone Lingams and lifelike Lord Shiva's vehicle, Nandi. When you buy Bronze Shivling online with us, you can choose from the various sizes and options available in our collection. The Bronze Shivling price we offer is the best in the market.

List of Bronze Shivling Options with Rudra Centre

1) Bronze Shivling with Nandi idol and without Nandi.
2) Bronze Shivling with Yoni base in Bronze and Narmada Lingam mounted on it, along with Nandi idol. The Narmada Lingam is considered the best Shivling to worship as it has the highest vibration of all gemstones on Earth. It is the most potent mark of Lord Shiva. The Narmadeshwar Lingam is found naturally, only in the bed of the Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.
3) Bronze Shivling with only Yoni base with Narmada Lingam.
4) Mahalingam with Bronze Yoni base and the rare Black Narmada Lingam mounted on it.

Placement of Shivling

The Yoni of the Shivling should be facing the North direction. The West face of the Lingam/Linga should face you. Nandi should be placed facing the Shivling in the West. The devotee should be next to Nandi to worship the Shivling.

Bronze Shivling Worship Benefits

Installing Bronze Shivling and worshipping it regularly, chanting of "Om Namah Shivaya" and other Lord Shiva Mantras and meditating on it, gives a benevolent outcome.

  • Worshipping Bronze Shivling brings peace, calm, good health, prosperity, longevity.
  • Lord Shiva transforms you for the better and helps you to be aware of the truth about yourself when He is worshipped.
  • It brings unity in relationships, blissful married life.
  • Worshipping the Bronze Shivling helps in getting a suitable life partner for the aspirant singles.
  • Bronze Shivling worship is sure to bring spiritual awakening and growth.
  • Installing the Bronze Shivling ushers positive energy into space.
  • When Bronze Shivling is worshipped in-home or workspace, the protection of Lord Shiva shields the place.
  • By the grace of Lord Shiva all your desires are fulfilled, when prayed with pure intention.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

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