Shiva lingam with Nandi in Bronze


INR 15,550


Sacred Shivalingam with Nandi bull statue made in shining bronze would grace up your puja altar. Made by skilled artisans, The Shivalingam with traditional carving has a hooded snake coiling the Lingam. Shivlingam represents the three-in-one powers of Para Bhramha, with lower part representing the Universal creative force- Bhrama, the middle part representing the universal perseverance energy- Vishnu and the upper part represents – the universal transforming energy - Shiva. Nandi, the adherent devotee and mount of Lord Shiva facing the Shivalingam symbolises eternal waiting and helps transport true prayers of the devotees to Lord Shiva. Worship of Shivalingam at home blesses with unity, harmony, good health and guides the devotees to spiritual path. Read more on Significance of Linga.

The word Lingam is derived from the two Sanskrit words laya (dissolution) and agaman (recreation). Thus the Lingam symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of the Lord and great sanctity is attached to it by the devotees. Lord Shiva from time immemorial has been worshiped in the form of a Lingam. The worship of a Shiva Lingam always includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and clarified butter as well.

Placement: The Yoni base is placed such that it faces North direction. Nandi statue is placed facing Shivalingam in west side. A devotee worships the Shivalingam standing by the side of Nandi statue and facing the Shivalingam.

Dimension of Shivlingam:-
Height till snake: 3.8 inches
Length of the yoni base: 2.5 inches
Base diameter: 2 inches
Weight: 481 gms

Dimension of Nandi:-
Height: 2.5 inches
Base Dimension: 3.4 (L) x 2.1 (B) inches
Weight: 630 gms