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The awakened -Lord Buddha

The goal of every soul is to attain innermost peace and reach the place of higher sanctum through the path of great saints. The most awakened and enlightened one is Buddha himself, the one king of peace who experienced Nirvana and attained greatness by his simple path. Many worshippers consider Lord Buddha as the highest salvation peak that their souls can attain and hence follow him religiously. If you are one such follower and wish to keep Lord Buddha's image near your heart than you should see the amazing range of Buddha lockets available at the Rudraksha Ratna collection.

Buddha lockets are a source of immense peace to the wearer each and every day. In the fast paced life where there is a lot to distract the mind there is hardly anything that will soothe the soul and encourage it to attain the true path of salvation. The Buddha pendants can help you to walk on this very path by delivering peace to the mind and body to attain total nirvana. In fact anyone who attains the higher form of spirituality is Buddha and thus these Buddha lockets will help you to choose being better.

For those who seek to have a specific metal in mind, be it Buddha locket in silver or Buddha locket in gold, both are available in a wide range. The silver used in the Buddha pendant in silver is of high grade pure quality in nature and so is the gold used in Buddha pendant in gold. Apart from the choice of metal used to carve the shape of Lord's image on the lightweight, compact range of pendants, there is an option of selecting a specific design for the same. That means you can select a calm Buddha pendant in Asana form or choose a locket which comprises only the serene face of Lord Buddha.