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Carnelian Bracelets

What is the price range of Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets?

Carnelian Bracelets are made of various types of Carnelian beads of different sizes, shapes and cut. These factors determine the price of the bracelets and all the pieces in our collection are priced reasonably. When there are other gemstones or Rudraksha beads paired with Carnelian then the bracelet price can rise accordingly.

Where to buy a Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet?

Gemstone Bracelets should be scrutinized well before buying so it is highly recommended to check the genuineness of the seller. It is essential to ask for a certificate of authenticity while buying any gemstone or gemstone jewellery. There can be a possibility of getting fake Carnelian Bracelets which is why one should always go through the user ratings and reviews of the seller, credibility and market status, and the level of the company, like ours.

How to clean a Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet?

A clean brush with soft bristles can be used to remove the dust off the Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet. Another way to clean the bracelet is by wiping it with a wet cloth that’s dipped in a solution of a chemical-free soap and lukewarm water. The latter will clean the bracelet thoroughly and make it look as good as new.

Carnelian Bracelet Benefits

  • It brings new avenues and good fortune
  • It brings out the talent of the wearer
  • It improves the creative power to visualize
  • It motivates the wearer and gives strength
  • It gives happiness and a life filled with satisfaction
  • It removes laziness and brings activeness

Why wear a Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet?

Carnelian symbolizes endurance and courage and that is why it instills a lot of confidence in the wearer. It helps the wearer realize his/her self-worth and gives tremendous strength too. It is known as a protective stone that builds a shield of protection around the warriors. A genuine Carnelian Bracelet helps rediscover the passion and brings out the best of talent of the wearer.

Which hand to wear Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet?

One can wear a Carnelian Bracelet in the left hand to get the best benefits of the powerful bracelet. It helps in purifying the aura and protects the wearer. It brings luck, joy and prosperity as well. Wearing it correctly carries positive energies to the wearer, and gives a favourable outcome. It is advised to consult a holistic healing therapist expert company like us before wearing any gemstone jewellery.

Carnelian Bracelet Properties

Adorning a Carnelian stone Bracelet not only enhances the look of the wearer but also benefits in the most positive way. It has healing and metaphysical properties that transform an individual’s life. It energizes the wearer and makes them more active. The warmth of the gemstone gives the power of acceptance and restores vigour.

How to authenticate original and fake Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets?

The easiest method to check if a Carnelian bead in a bracelet is real is by holding it in front of the light. If it shows strips or bands of colours then it is a fake one. A natural Carnelian has some inclusions that show scattered colours in a cloudy form.

Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We have a large collection of Carnelian Bracelets and we also provide the option to customize. You can get silver or gold accessories added to the bracelet to accentuate the jewel and make it even more beautiful. There are a variety of beads in different types of cuts so you can simply choose the one that suits your requirement or contact us for customization.

Why wear Energized Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets?

Energizing Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets enhances its effectiveness and gives amazing results. Our experienced Pundits perform rituals as per Vedic scriptures and chant the accurate mantras to energize the gemstones. One should always prefer buying energized gemstone jewellery over non-energized ones.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energized or charged Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets?

Yes, Carnelian Gemstone bracelets and all healing jewellery at Rudra Centre are energized and blessed with as per scriptures. We have bracelets made of natural Carnelian beads that are non-heated and untreated. They give the most effective outcome and their properties are enhanced by energizing. Be it a Red Carnelian Bracelet or Orange Carnelian bead Bracelet, we have energized and powerful jewels.

What are the Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

There are no harmful side effects of the vivacious Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet. It is still advised to seek consultation from an expert to wear a suitable gemstone. Also, the beads have to be taken care of properly to avoid any breakage. Sometimes damaged gemstone beads also have negative effects.

Why buy Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets online from Rudra Centre?

We carry a great collection of strikingly attractive and unique Carnelian Gemstone Bracelets. There is a lot of diversity in the designs and the customers get so many options to choose from. Each gemstone bracelet undergoes a strict quality check before it is available for sale. We ensure that everyone gets only the best Carnelian Gemstone Bracelet for healing, strength and confidence. Also, we deliver all the spiritual products worldwide; order your favourite Carnelian Bracelet among Red Carnelian Multi Beads bracelet, Faceted Carnelian beads bracelet, Red Sandalwood and Orange Carnelian bracelet, Orange Carnelian with Buddha bracelet and more.