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About Carnelian Bracelets


Bracelets and earrings made of Carnelian gemstones look exotic in appearance. They are studded with Red Carnelian gemstones in different styles/patterns; round, cylindrical and oval shapes, in pure silver flowery cap, faceted and with uncut beads. Red Carnelian gemstones are believed to invite good luck and opportunities. They bring the latent talents within to life and encourage creative and visualizing faculty of one's mind. Also, Carnelian gemstones remove listlessness, filling the native with energy and strength. The one who wears bracelets/earrings of Red Carnelian gemstones attains strength, self-worth and contentment.

Rudra Centre offers you bracelets and earrings with Carnelian gemstones in different sizes and shapes as well as in combinations with Rudraksha beads.