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About Cotton Dhotis with Shawls

Pure Cotton Dhoti with Shawls:

When it comes to Pure Cotton Dhoti With Shawls for men, one should carefully choose the piece as clothing used in rituals (pujas and archana) should be clean, pure and confortable. Today cotton dhotis are supplied in bulk in different designs and works. The essence is experience convenience and comfort.

Why Cotton Dhoti and Shawls?

In all the Vedic rituals, an emphasis is given on wearing dhoti. Two reasons. First, people in the ancient world during Vedic Age had simple clothing. Most of the time, they devoted themselves to the ritualistic activities. Second, such clothing is closely connected with satvik mode of nature. When you sit for chanting or meditation in dhoti, it offers you absolute comfort and makes you focus on your activity. The same is not possible in casuals, jeans or any other outfits. Because, dhoti not only offers comfort and convenience but also it maintains sanctity and purity.

Dhotis in different colours:

Colours play an important role. One may ignore this aspect while shopping the best cotton dhoti online. In the Vedic literature and scriptures, colours are intimately associated with the gods. Following the table of colours and the associated deity:

Colour Associated Deity
Red Lord Ganesh, Hanuman,
Orange Mahamrutunjaysiva (shiva), Sri krishna,Ardhanareeshwar
Yellow Lakshmi, Agni, Sun
Green Narayan (Vishnu)
Blue Brahma, Rudra

These colours activate the cosmic element related to a particular deity. For instance, if you wear a dhoti having a combination of white and green colour, the Narayan elements get super-charged. If you have a Gensha Sthapna ceremony, better to wear a dhoti or shawl of red colour is related to Ganesha and Hanuman. Colours matter even in case of Navratri wherein nine colours are related to nine goddesses.

Goddess Colour
Shailputri Yellow
Brahmacharini Green
Chandraghanta Grey
Kushmanda Orange
Skanda White
Katyayani Red
Kalaratri Royal Blue
Maha Gauri Pink
Siddhi Datri Purple

So if you have pujas at your home throughout the Navratri festival, it is better you wear the dhotis of colours associated with the goddesses. In the absence of a dhoti, one can have a shawl of a particular color. Women can covet their heads with the shawl.