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Crystal Quartz Bracelets

What is the price range of Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelets?

Crystal Quartz Bracelet price may fluctuate depending on the no. of beads, other gemstones or Rudraksha beads used, size and cut of the beads. The gemstones used for making bracelets are 100% natural and sourced authentically. The quality of the bracelets is completely true to the price.

Where to buy a Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet?

Natural Gemstone bracelets generate better results which makes it important to buy bracelets made of real and untreated Crystal Quartz gemstone beads. Usually, many sellers heat and treat the gemstones to enhance their lustre but in reality it degrades the quality. Remember to check the genuineness of the seller and always ask for a certificate of authenticity.

How to clean a Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet?

The Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet can be washed with water. However, if there are other gemstone beads or Rudraksha beads strung along with Crystal Quartz stone then the bracelet can be simply cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Crystal Quartz/ Sphatik Bracelet Benefits

  • It bestows wisdom and good health
  • It brings wealth and prosperity
  • It reduces stress and worries of the wearer
  • It calms the mind and enhances the ability to concentrate
  • A combination of Red Sandalwood beads and Crystal Quartz strengthens willpower and brings harmony
  • Different combinations of Crystal Quartz and Rudraksha beads have numerous positive benefits
  • The wearer is blessed with a sharp memory, good concentration and immense peace

Why wear a Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet?

Crystal Quartz or Sphatik gemstones have calming energies that bring tranquillity to the wearer. Those positive vibrations elevate the aura and fill the ambience with peace. Crystal Quartz bracelets are easy to wear and we have unique designs that are suitable for casual and formal attire. The bracelets are also appropriate for gifting irrespective of one’s zodiac sign or birth chart because they only give favourable results; particularly so, we customize gemstone jewellery as per a unique and patented therapy called “RRST” (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy), “RRST” combinations jewellery is a holistic therapy that heals physical, mental, chakras and spiritual states.

Which hand to wear Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet?

It can be safely worn in any hand to imbibe the healing benefits. One can always consult an expert if there are any doubts while wearing gemstone jewellery. Consulting an astrologer is advised just to avoid negative effects.

Crystal Quartz/ Sphatik Gemstone Bracelet Properties

  • It is popularly known for cleansing the aura and mind of the wearer
  • It speeds up the process of healing
  • It gives insight and enables personal growth
  • It possesses cosmic powers that help us connect with our Higher consciousness while meditating
  • It is a wondrous gemstone that balances the functioning of the body
  • It is helpful for reducing fatigue and migraine
  • It transforms the negative vibrations into positive

How can I authenticate original and fake Sphatik Gemstone Bracelets?

There can be plastic beads in the market that are made to look like Sphatik. The best method to check its originality is by softly dropping the Sphatik bead on a glass surface. If the bead produces a dull sound then it is definitely plastic because Sphatik is heavy and it creates a different kind of sound when dropped.

Sphatik Gemstone Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We have a great variety of Crystal Quartz/ Sphatik Gemstone bracelets with a number of different combinations. These combinations serve various purposes and are powerful for physical as well as mental healing. We provide making options and customization as per your requirement.

Why wear an Energized Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet?

By energizing a gemstone, its power to show quicker and better outcomes increases. It is always advisable to wear an energized Crystal Quartz bracelet to gain maximum benefits over the short run. The process of Vedic mantra chanting infuses powerful energies in the gemstones and lets the wearer take full advantage.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or charged Gemstone Bracelets?

We, at Rudra Centre, thoroughly energize the gemstones for providing our customers with the best product. Energizing as per Vedic rituals and chanting of correct mantras is done by our Rudra Centre Pundits. Energized gemstones and gemstone jewellery has proven to be highly beneficial to users.

What are the Crystal Quartz Gemstone Bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

Sphatik Bracelet can be worn by everyone and there are no side effects as such. The only thing that has to be kept in mind while wearing Sphatik jewellery is to take proper care of it. Crystal Quartz/ Sphatik does not have any negative impact on the life of the wearer.

Why buy a Sphatik Bracelet online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the top supplier of supreme quality spiritual products. We have a diverse range of items like natural gemstones, Rudraksha beads, gemstone jewellery, Yantra, God and Goddess idols, etc. This collection of Crystal Quartz Bracelets has elegantly designed bracelets of Sphatik gemstone, clear Quartz bracelets, Rudraksha Sphatik bracelet and several other combinations. We only offer the best pieces after every product has gone through a strict quality check. Buyers can also contact our experts on live chat or call in case of any difficulties while buying. Get the original Sphatik Bracelet from our massive array of genuine gemstone jewellery. Pure Sphatik Bracelet online shopping can be done at Rudra Centre easily with our worldwide delivery.