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About Dhoop Incenses

What is Dhoop?

A Dhoop is a block of incense which when lit emits soothing and aromatic fragrances. Unlike incense sticks, the Dhoops do not have a stick at the bottom to hold. The Dhoop sticks are merely fragrant powders mixed with aromatic liquid and formed into chunks and shaped into blocks. In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the Dhoops are popularly known as Dhoop batti or Dhoop sticks and hold immense ritualistic significance. Since ancient times, the ritual of offering herbal Dhoop batti and natural Dhoop fumes to the deities has been practiced and continues till today. There are various types of Dhoop sticks available in the market.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Dhoops which are available in various authentic fragrances, shapes and colours. We also offer supreme quality Dhoop powders, dry Dhoop sticks, herbal Dhoop batti, organic Dhoop batti and much more. We supply Dhoops to various countries and have clients across the globe who patronize our collection. We never compromise on the quality of Dhoops and all the other products and services we deal in. Browse through the variety of best Dhoop sticks that we offer and buy the Dhoop sticks online from Rudra Centre at the best price. The Dhoop batti price that we offer depends on the variety of Dhoop sticks.

What is Dhoop made of?

Dhoops are aromatic incense emitting natural fumes which are used in Pooja ceremonies. The Dhoop sticks are prepared from various psychotropic botanicals, which include aromatic and medicinal flowers, resins, and other extracts, that have healing properties and offer physical, mental and spiritual growth.

What are Dhoop Sticks?

Dhoop sticks are fragrant incense sticks which are made of natural ingredients. Dhoop sticks are commonly used during a holy Pooja ceremony or in the evening we turn on all the lights at our dwelling and also to ward off the odour.

What is Dhoop used for?

A Dhoop is used during Pooja rituals to offer its fragrant aromatic fumes to the deities. Dhoops are also used to diffuse unpleasant odours that are present in the house or any other vastu. Burning a Dhoop stick keeps the insects and flies away from fresh items like vegetables and fruits. The fumes of the Dhoop sticks kill the insects in the air and keep the flies away.

Benefits of lighting Dhoop Sticks?

The benefits of lighting Dhoop, Dhoop Sticks, Dhoop powder are as follows:-

  • Attracts the deity principles.
  • The fragrances help to set the mind in the devotional mode.
  • Kills bacteria and germs present in the air.
  • Calms the mind.

How to use Dhoop Sticks?

If you are using a Dhoop stick for pooja ceremonies then you need to light the Dhoop stick, offer its fumes to the deities and place it over the stand which is most often provided by the pack of Dhoop sticks.

Advantages of Dhoop?

As the Dhoops and Dhoop powders we offer are made of natural herbs, they help in pacifying the malefic of Planets, the fumes help to kill the germs and microbes present in the atmosphere, helps to clear throat and lungs.

How to use Dhoop Powder? What are the uses of Dhoop Powder?

A specially designed container is available to burn the Dhoop powder. You can put a small amount of Dhoop powder in it and burn it. First offer fumes to the deities and then spread the fumes in all the corners of the house. It offers great fragrance, kills the microbes and also helps to keep the mind calm.

Is it safe to buy Dhoop Sticks and Powder online?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to buy Dhoop sticks and Dhoop powder online from us at Rudra Centre as we offer quality Dhoops at the best prices online.

Where Can I Buy Dhoop Online?

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