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About Emerald Bracelets

What is the price range of Emerald bracelets?

The price of the natural Emerald bracelet depends upon the carats, clarity, cut and size of the gemstone. And, also the stringing options in which the Emerald beads are strung, adds to the price of the Emerald bracelets. We, at Rudra Centre, offer an elegant range of Emerald stone bracelets and Emerald bangles that can be worn regularly as they are designed to suit every attire.

Where to buy an Emerald bracelet?

You can buy the genuine Emerald bead bracelet online from Rudra Centre at the best price. We offer a magnificent range of real Emerald bracelets beautifully designed in various patterns. All the bracelets that fall under this category are neatly strung in various metals and silk thread. We are one of the pioneer dealers who deal in authentic, genuine and original gemstones. We offer a certificate of authenticity on certain niche products. If you wish to get the certificate of authenticity for any of the products we offer, you simply have to convey it to us and pay an extra sum.

How to clean an Emerald Bracelet?

Emerald is a divine stone that needs to be handled with care and love. It is a stone that can easily develop cracks, hence the natural emerald bracelet needs to be well cared for, polished and cleaned. It becomes necessary to clean them periodically. This delicate stone cannot be cleaned with hard detergents as the harsh chemicals present in them can create scratches on the surface of the gemstone. You can clean the Emerald crystal bracelet by soaking it in a bowl of water and mild detergent mix or a chemical-free cleaning powder, use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub each portion of the bracelet, now rinse off the soap completely and pat the bracelet dry with a clean cloth.

Benefits of an Emerald Bracelet

The wearer of the genuine Emerald bracelet experiences healing and other benefits in various aspects of life. Listed below are some of the benefits this divine Emerald stone offers

  • Wards off malefic effects of planet Mercury and strengthens the qualities and powers of Mercury
  • Helps in success and accomplishment of business goals
  • Helps in education/learning goals
  • Helps the wearer to have more love in relationships
  • Helps to strengthen the bond of love among couples
  • Boost’s creativity
  • Enhances mathematical and calculation skills
  • Helps focus and concentrate better
  • Helps in spiritual understanding

Why do we wear an Emerald bracelet?

The Emerald bracelet when worn gives a range of benefits and healings that help in spiritual, physical, mental and emotional pain. Apart from this, the energies of natural Emerald stone cleanses negativities and blockages from the Anahata/Heart Chakra. When we encounter problems pertaining to lack of intelligence and knowledge, relationship issues, and heart ailments wearing the Emerald bracelet can be of great aid. Browse through our Emerald bracelets for sale and buy any of the Emerald bangles online.

What is the Emerald bracelet healing property or Other property (Based on Gemstone)?

  • nhances psychic and intuitive abilities
  • elps to relieve stress
  • eals the heart and fills the heart with love, compassion, truthfulness and like
  • elps to improve speech and boosts confidence
  • elps to resolve stammering problems

How can I authenticate original and fake Emerald Bracelets?

You can get the Emerald bracelet tested from a laboratory to check the authenticity of the Emerald stone bracelet. All the real Emerald bracelets that we at Rudra Centre offer are lab tested for authenticity and are genuine. We also offer a certificate of authenticity on certain product ranges. In case, you require a certificate of authenticity for any of the products you purchase, you will need to pay us an additional charge of Rs. 300/-

Emerald bracelet making option (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We at Rudra Centre offer Emerald bracelets in pure Silver, German Silver and silk thread with silver clasps. If you wish to get the Emerald bead bracelet strung in Gold or any other metal then we can definitely customise it for you as per your choice.

Why wear energised Emerald bracelet

Energised Emerald bracelet emits energies that are beneficial to mankind. Energising the Emerald stone bracelet helps to activate the energies of the gemstone. Once the energies of Emerald are activated it helps the wearer to grow successfully in every realm of life. It promotes one's business (and career), sharp memory, a focused mind, peace and elevates the wearer spiritually. There are many reasons why an individual must wear an Emerald bracelet as energization is an old Vedic ritual that helps in awakening the innate qualities of the gemstone.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energised or charged Emerald Bracelets?

Yes! We at Rudra Centre offer genuine and original Emerald bracelets which are energized and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits from Banaras and Varanasi.

What are the Emerald bracelet side effects (If worn without consultation)?

It is always advisable to wear the Emerald bracelet after consulting our RRST experts. Emerald is a precious stone that is a symbol of royalty and power. This natural stone is a healing stone, it may or may not suit everyone. But the Emerald bracelets that we offer do not offer any side effects as few are strung according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) and all the Emerald bangles and Emerald stone bracelets are energized and blessed. We at Rudra Centre also guide you on the wearing instructions so that you experience maximum benefits.