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Flower Containers

What is a Flower Container?

Flower Baskets or Flower Containers are vessels for keeping flowers offered in Puja and other sacred rituals. They are made in different artistic designs and crafted elegantly by the most proficient artisans. Made in high-quality metals like Brass and Copper, the Flower Containers are durable and look as good as new even after years of usage.

What are the uses of a Flower Container?

  • Fresh flowers for Puja can be stored in the container
  • It can be used for décor by filling some water and adding flowers or petals and tea light candles to float over it
  • Other Puja ingredients like fresh fruits, garlands, incense sticks, etc. can be kept
  • The flower container or basket can also be used to carry all the puja ingredients to a temple
  • It is also useful for collecting plucked flowers

What are the types of flower containers?

Traditional Flower Containers

With simple and classic designs, traditional flower containers look authentic just as the ones used in ancient times. The containers have a beautiful rustic look and are made in copper or brass. They are easy to clean and are good for day-to-day use.

Fancy Flower Baskets

Elegant flower baskets with impressive patterns are made for the purpose of keeping flowers for Puja rituals and offering them to deity idols. Unique designs and durability are the key features of these fancy flower baskets. They are also appropriate for gifting to dear ones on special occasions or ceremonies. The fancy flower baskets are not just a part of the puja accessories but also perfect for using as a home décor item on religious festivals. They beautify the space and enhance the entire décor.


Uruli or Urli is a bowl used as a traditional decorative item in the Southern part of India. Water is poured into it and flowers or petals are put inside to float on the water. It is an all-natural and eco-friendly way of decoration. The flower containers in this collection can be alternatively used as a centrepiece with flowers or can be placed on the Rangoli to add more grace.

Offering Baskets

We also have baskets for keeping items for offering to deity idols and during Puja. The basket has a handle attached to carry it easily to a temple or at the venue where puja is held. We have offering baskets in the round and octagonal shapes with Goddess Laxmi image embossed on it. The outer surface of the baskets is covered with auspicious symbols like “Om”, “Swastika”, etc.

How to clean Flower Containers?

The easiest way to clean brass flower containers is to sprinkle rock salt over them and rub the surface with tamarind. It removes all the dirt and restores the shine of the metal flower basket. Copper containers can be cleaned using a paste of lemon juice and baking soda. These acidic substances work on thoroughly cleansing the metal containers.

Where to buy Flower Containers?

Buying genuine quality Flower Containers is important for use during Puja or a visit to a temple. Always make sure if the seller is authentic and reliable like Rudra Centre. Spiritual products are a pivotal part of every ritual which makes it necessary to get them from a trusted source. The design and make of the flower basket for the temple have to be proper and strongly constructed for use in the long run.

Why buy Flower Containers online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of Flower Containers in pure copper and brass. We provide top quality spiritual products to customers across the globe. The beautifully designed flower baskets for pooja have a great shine and are made for daily use. We have stunning Flower Baskets for sale so shop from us and conduct your puja rituals with ease. You can also shop for Yantra, Maha Yantra, God and Goddess idols, Rudraksha beads and natural gemstones with a certificate of authenticity, Shivaling, etc. at Rudra Centre.

Puja Flower Basket Price

Prices of the Flower Containers/ metal Flower Baskets depend on the rate of metals, weight and design. Get attractive flower containers at the lowest prices for puja and gifting to friends and colleagues on special events. Start your flower basket online shopping at Rudra Centre today.