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About Ganesh Desktop yantra

Ganesh Desktop Yantra

Lord Ganesha is the prime deity majorly worshipped around the world by every follower of Hinduism. Lord Ganesha is known by different names like Ekdanta (the God with one tooth), Vighnaharta (the one who removes all the obstacles), Siddhivinayak (the one who gives blessings of success), Lambodara (the one with a big belly), Mangalmurti (the auspicious of all) and more. Lord Ganesha is glorified in every prayer right in the beginning, Puja ritual, new beginnings, religious ceremonies, and all events such as housewarming, inauguration, new business opening, etc. Almost every ritual starts by invoking Lord Ganesha and worshipping His idol & Yantra. We present a new range of Ganesh Desktop Yantras for seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the most Divine among all.

What is Ganesh Desktop Yantra?

The Ganesh Yantra is made in a Desktop Yantra form for conveniently keeping it in your workspace. Desktop Yantras are Yantras framed in a round wooden frame with crystal glass covering on both sides. It features an image of Lord Ganesha seated majestically and the Ganesh Yantra imprinted on the other face. It carries the divine blessings of Ganesha and bestows the worshipper with success, wisdom, and knowledge.

What do we provide in Ganesh Desktop Yantras?

The Desktop Yantras in our collection is designed to suit every type of space so one can easily install it in his/her workplace or even on a car’s dashboard. It is more on the traditional side and has a rustic touch due to the brown wooden frame. It is encased with tough crystal glass which is made to last but since it has the presence of Lord Ganesha, it needs to be handled with care. The Desktop Yantras are created to serve the purpose of working individuals who wish to establish the Yantra in their office. Buy Ganesh Desktop Yantra from us and get an original energized Yantra for positive results. It is also a great gift for your near and dear ones on special occasions.

Ganesh Desktop Yantra Benefits

  • Gives success in all endeavors
  • Brings happiness to the worshipper
  • Bestows knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence
  • Gives growth in career, business, and spirituality
  • Eliminates troubles and hurdles from the path
  • Fulfills wishes and helps accomplish goals
  • Brings good luck and victory
  • Gives the strength and will to undertake new ventures
  • Protects from negative vibrations
  • Destroys obstacles and brings auspicious news

Why buy Energized Ganesh Desktop Yantra?

Energizing the Yantra improves its effectiveness and multiplies the blessings of the ruling deity. We provide Ganesh Desktop Yantras that are blessed and energized with sacred Mantra chanting by our experienced Pundits. By using energized Yantra, one can obtain the maximum benefits of the tool and it is also powerful for meditation.

What material did we use for Ganesh Desktop Yantras?

The Ganesh Desktop Yantras are made of thick heavy wooden frames of superior quality. The Yantras are long-lasting in nature and look very traditional. Its crystal glass covers are tough and placed over the Yantra for protecting the embossing inside it. The imprints of Lord Ganesha's image and the Yantra are infixed properly and the glass cover gives a magnified view of the same.

Why Ganesh Desktop Yantra Buy Online from us?

Spiritual products should always be bought from a trusted supplier like Rudra Centre. We have received 22,000+ positive testimonials from thousands of satisfied clients across the globe. Our Ganesh Desktop Yantras are made with the purpose of helping everyone bring positive vibes in their professional space. We deliver worldwide so you can order Ganesh Desktop Yantra from the comfort of your home. We ensure fast and safe delivery at your doorstep to make your shopping at Rudra Centre convenient & easy. You can also seek our expert’s advice if you face any difficulty while purchasing a Ganesh Desktop Yantra online.

Placement day

The Ganesh Desktop Yantra can be installed on any auspicious day throughout the year. Praying every day by reciting the Ganesha Mantra in front of the Yantra enhances its power and enables the flow of positive energies in your office space. It can be placed on your work desk at home, office cabin, or at the reception as well. Lord Ganesha’s presence invites good fortune, happiness, and prosperity to the dwelling.

Vidhi/ Guidelines to install Ganesh Desktop Yantra

  • Purify your body and surroundings before you touch the Yantra
  • Lay a red altar cloth of small size on your work desk or table
  • Place the Yantra over it and recite the Ganesh Mantra
  • Close your eyes and pray to Lord Ganesha while chanting the Mantra and ask for desire fulfillment and success in work

Ganesh Desktop Yantra Price

The price is quite reasonable for the top-quality Ganesh Desktop Yantra and it is available for sale at Rudra Centre only. Our collection is exclusive and crafted with precision to offer the best Desktop Yantras at a fair price point.

Lord Ganesh Desktop Yantra Mantra

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha