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God Statues and Idols
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    close I just received the parcel. Thanks a lot for beautiful statue of Ganesha and prasad. I feel overwhelmed to receive all these blessed articles on the auspicious close
    --Kiran Mehta, Netherlands
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Rudra Centre, an ISO 9001:2015 credited global organisation brings Deity Idols exquisitely crafted from finest quality silver, bronze, brass and marble. Our collection includes world renowned Makrana marble Idols, Dhokra metal arts, Buddha statues, Ganesh Idols, Vastu idols, wall hangings and more, designed in adherence to world-class quality. These deity idols with appealing look and beautiful engraving create a divine, sublime and celestial ambience for prayers and meditation.

About God Statues and Idols

Buy Hindu Gods’ Idols: For Puja, Home, Car Dashboard

Worship of idols is one of the integral facets of Hindu or Vedic cultures. One can find idols at home, in temples or similar pilgrimages. Worshiping an idol is not worshiping a piece of stone out of sentiments. In fact, it denotes the worshiper’s dedication to the Divine in His various forms. An idol is a reminder of higher powers that control matter and spirit in the world.

We offer a large assortment of statues of Hindu deities. Any ritual (Puja) or Yagna is imperfect without the presence of a deity idol or God sculpture. Idols in temples constitute the physical bodies energized to vibrate and create an Aura of cosmic energy around the places they are installed at. Agama Shastra mentions the creation of idols, mantras to energize them and worship of the same.

You can have a personal experience. If you keep an idol on your desktop or car dashboard, the place automatically begins to contain a sense of spiritual. You began to keep the place clean and your mind tends to chant a mantra dedicated to that deity. That is the power of an idol that reminds you to re-visit your natural faith that at times gets overpowered by work life.

Buy Hindu Gods’ Idols: Types of Idols

We offer the idols of Hindu deities made of marble, brass, bronze and silver.
Marble idol: Painted with durable vibrant colors, these idols have pure gold & silver foils that enhance the beauty and ensure the longevity of the color and gold artwork. These idols are made of Makrana marble being world renowned highest quality marble from Makrana, Rajasthan. They are famous for their radiant white color, long lasting polish and seamless texture.

Brass idol: These idols are fashioned in pure brass with a marvelous stone work. The motif on them epitomizes spiritual beauty coupled with peace, patience and meditation.

Bronze Idol: Radiantly crafted in heavy shining bronze, these idols are mesmerizing and celestial. Made with brilliant craftsmanship, the idols are attractively highlighted featuring elaborate ornamentation and traditionally designed pattern.

Silver Idol: These idols are crafted using the finest quality silver. They are distinctively designed with elaborative frames. The deities are gracefully seated on throne and holding weapons in upper arms and raising the right hand in blessing pose. One can place these Idols in puja altar for blessings of success, intelligence and wisdom.

Buy Hindu Gods’ Idols: Puja, Home & Car Dashboard

  • Idols For Puja: These idols are used in various rituals. They are infused with life force or they are energized with Prana Pratishtha. A Prana Pratishtha (Energizing) is a long elaborate ritual wherein qualified Brahmins or priests energize the idol with Vedic mantras and rituals mentioned in the scriptures such as Atharva Veda. Once energized, these idols are no longer pieces of rocks, bricks or marble but they become the worship able Deity. These idols are seen in temples.
  • Idols For Home: These idols are found in the houses. They do not require elaborate installation ceremony. The devotee shares personal feelings and talks with it after the prayers. Here the faith is the most important. The idol becomes the Deity based on the householder’s faith.
  • Idols For Desktop/Car Dashboard: Small idols kept on the desktop at workplace create an aura of spiritual energy and increases focus on one’s work. An idol is kept on the car’s dashboard for protection against mishaps and accidents.

Rudra Centre provides idols of Ganesha, Shiva, Lord Krishna, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kuber, Buddha and many more. You can give these idols as gifts to your near and dear ones on their birthday, wedding or marriage anniversary; be it any event or occasion. Rudra Centre is one stop shop where you will get the deity idols sculpted in a variety of materials. You can shop online Indian god sculptures at Rudra Centre. All these sculpture are made in an authentic way as suggested by learned priests at Rudra Centre.

What our Clients Are Saying

  • I appreciate your time and effort

    I just received the parcel. Thanks a lot for beautiful statue of Ganesha and prasad. I feel overwhelmed to receive all these blessed articles on the auspicious close
    --Kiran Mehta, Netherlands

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  • Puja Services from Rudra Centre is very popular. We have our own team of Karmakandi priests who perform various pujas in our own premises.

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