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About Gaumata, Kamdhenu idols

Hindus venerate dairy animals as an image or life. Not at all like numerous misinterpretations about the significance of dairy animals in Hindu society, bovines are not nor have they ever been worshiped. In old India, in spite of the fact that bulls and bulls were butchered for meat and yielded to the Gods, it was inadmissible to execute a bovine that created milk. Dairy animals as an image of life offer five essential items: milk, curds, ghee margarine, pee and manure. These things are all utilized as a part of love and in compelling instances of compensation.

We at Rudra Centre we offer a range of gaumata idols perfectly crafted in the best quality brass. These idols are available in different sizes and designs. These gaumata idols have been a symbol of wealth since ancient days.