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About Gaumata, Kamdhenu idols

Gaumata, Kamdhenu Idols

The Gaumata and Kamdhenu Cow Brass Idols are made by well-trained artisans in the business. They exude vibrancy and look very stunning when placed in home. We have an extensive range of the idols that include beautifully crafted Kamdhenu idols with intricate carvings and design. There are Kamdhenu idols in brass with stone work which is a much attractive version and appropriate for gifting to your dear ones as well. The Kamdhenu is depicted as a cow with woman’s face and two wings standing magnificently on the pedestal. Made of heavy shining pure brass, the idols are sturdy and will stand the test of time. Some use it as a remedy for removing Vastu Dosha according to Vastu Shastra while some use it as a show piece too.

Gau Mata Murti and Statue

Gau Mata also called Gomata holds the essence of mother’s affection and the Gau Mata statues are often seen in Hindu homes. The idols in our collection show the wonderful craftsmanship that has been put into making them. Every Gau Mata idol is made with love in pure brass to provide you the finest pieces. Especially the figurines of cow with calf are placed by many people to bring good fortune and prosperity to home. There are various depictions of the Gomata idol online but commonly it is the cow feeding her calf. It is not just sacred but also very beautiful and the statue makes for an amazing artefact for your home. The brass Gau Mata idol can also be given as a present to your family or friends on religious events like housewarming ceremony, puja for new beginnings, etc. We have the best Kamadhenu idols for sale.

Benefits of having Kamdhenu Idol with Calf at Home

It is incredibly auspicious to keep a Kamdhenu with calf idol at home as it represents the generous love of a mother and offspring. Kamdhenu idol benefits are as follows:

  • Brings prosperity
  • Increases the love and care in the home
  • Beneficial for children as it makes them more respectful
  • Invites good luck and success in ventures
  • Known as the fulfiller of desires, placing Kamdhenu idol in home fulfils wishes
  • Creates an aura filled with serenity in home
  • Children in the home are benefitted with excellent results in education
  • Kamdhenu is also known to bring abundance in the home
  • Kamdhenu cow with calf idol symbolizes fertility and motherhood
  • It is also a Vastu remedy and should be placed in the right direction for best outcome after proper advice from a Vastu expert.

Significance of Gau Mata and Kamdhenu in Hinduism

The literal translation of Gau Mata is “Cow Mother” as cow is given the status of a mother in ancient Vedic scriptures. Hinduism reveres the cow as a mother who symbolizes giving back selflessly, nourishment, love, care and all the nurturing qualities. She is gentle yet strong and that is why she resembles a mother. According to old beliefs and tales, it is said that 33 million deities are present inside a cow. Worshipping and feeding Gau Mata is a good deed as per Hindu religion. A cow’s urine and cowdung is also used in holy rituals by Hindus. The urine is known as “Gomutra” which itself is very pure and used for purifying the surroundings in Hindu households. Cowdung is normally used in the rural houses by spreading on the floor and cowdung cakes are also used in Homa/ Havan (fire ritual).

While Gau Mata means the motherly figure that the cow is considered to be, Kamdhenu is the “wish-fulfilling” cow who emerged out of the Ocean of Milk while churning the nectar of immortality (Amrit). The name “Kamdhenu” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Kamaduha” which means the “cow of plenty” and the one who nourishes her children generously. Various Hindu texts mention Kamdhenu and there are many different stories behind her origin. She is described as a cow with a face of a female and the mother of all cows. Although there is not a specific temple dedicated to Kamdhenu, all the cows in today’s world are honoured as her form.

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We carry a wide collection of Brass Gau Mata Idols of the highest quality. The brass Gau Mata murti is ideal for placing in home, office, shop, etc. for it signifies the motherly giving nature of the cow who is considered as mother in Hindu religion. The most elegantly crafted Gau Mata idols and Kamdhenu idols are available at Rudra Centre. Buy Kamdhenu cow idols online from us for a safe and fast delivery as we ship across the globe.

Care Instructions for Kamadhenu idol

Brass Kamdhenu statue should not be washed with water or any detergent. It has to be wiped with a clean, dry cloth to dust off any dirt particles that may settle on it.