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German Silver Pooja Items for Sale

German Silver Pooja articles or items are avidly used on a daily basis and on auspicious occasions/festivals for performing Puja. The Vedic rituals of worship involve making offerings of sweets, naivedyam, water, abhishekam, kumkum, akshat, Sandalwood paste and many other sacred items. In order to keep them with reverence and auspiciousness in front of the deity while performing worship German Silver Pooja items like thalis, bowls, water pots/containers, diyas, incense stick holder, bell and many such items are used. It not only looks a beautiful presentation, for Gods/Goddesses but also lends a rich and bright touch to the Puja atmosphere. German Silver Thrones for seating deity idols are the favourite choice of devotees to place in their altar, and the German Silver items are also auspicious gift items for loved ones. In general German Silver gift items are a sure appreciation.

Uses and Benefits of German Silver Gifting Items

There is no Silver (metal) in German Silver, except for the colour, there is no similarity between the Silver White coloured, German Silver and Silver. German Silver is an alloy of Copper, Zinc and Nickel. The quality of this alloy makes it appropriate for making German Silver items, German Silver Pooja articles as it is a hard and tough alloy, and at the same time it is malleable and ductile, which is a useful benefit of the alloy. It can be easily moulded into the various German Silver gifts, Pooja items and other articles.

German Silver is non-corrosive which is an advantageous benefit when it comes to German Silver Pooja articles as you can easily use it on a regular basis. Compared to silver which is prone to tarnish fast, german silver has its benefit as it does not tarnish easily which again works well for Puja items. Other benefits of german silver gifting items is that it looks exactly like silver, is rich and with etching or engraving of ethnic and modern designs on the items makes them appealing and expensive in appearance. Although german silver price is lower than sterling silver. Therefore making German Silver gift articles cost effective and at the same time valuable.

Buy German Silver Puja Articles Online at Best Prices

Rudra Centre offers a variety of high quality german silver pooja articles of different designs and styles. Our german silver pooja items are handpicked with intricate designs carved on them to resonate with your heart. From offering bowls to panchapatra to puja thali sets to deity thrones, we offer a huge collection of german silver pooja articles which are most desirable for your pooja purpose. They are suitable to use on a regular basis and on religious festivals too. Our collection of german silver pooja articles and other items are perfectly suited to gifts during diwali and other auspicious occasions or festivals to your near and dear ones. When you browse our site for german silver items online, you can pick your choice, place your order from the safety of your home and our efficient delivery service will ensure that you receive your order in a few days. Buy german silver pooja items online with us. You will find german silver items' price with us to be the most reasonable possible in the market.

Best German Silver Puja Articles with Us

German silver pooja articles are popular among devotees for personal use at home and they can be given as gifts to your friends and family. German Silver looks just like silver but is much lesser in price. We enlist some of the best german silver pooja articles in our collection:-

  • German silver bells with intricate carving and other designs
  • Silver bel patra and betel leaves, available in sets of 3 and 2 respectively. Bel patra is offered to Lord Shiva and betel Leaves are an integral part of most of the puja ceremonies considered to be very auspicious. Betel leaf is offered as dakshina (offering of money) to Gods, Goddesses and Gurus
  • Pretty german silver designer diyas available in sets to light in your altar and use while performing aarti
  • German silver puja thali for placing offerings using for aarti
  • Agarbatti stands in blooming flower design and other designs
  • Kumkum containers in multiple designs and styles to keep kumkum, turmeric powder, and akshat which is used while worshipping divine
  • Designer kalash with gorgeous floral carvings, adds to the beauty
  • Attractive treasure boxes and containers in different designs, shapes and sizes to keep your Rudraksha, Gemstones, cowry and other spiritual items
  • Heavily handcrafted designer german silver puja thalis in different styles used for offerings to the deities, Puja german silver thali sets with diya, incense stand, bell, kumkum container, bowls for your puja rituals
  • German silver abhishekam tray in different designs and carvings with tripod stand for conducting Abhishekh of Shivling and pot for jaldhara
  • German silver pot with spout, looks beautiful selfdesign is a Neti Pot which is used for Jal Neti, which cleanses the nasal passage keeping it clean
  • Different mesmerizing styles and designs of german silver thrones for deities, Shree Yantra, Shaligra are perfect for your Puja altar. The thrones come with a detachable umbrella of german silver as well.
  • German silver thrones with the powerful Sphatik Shree Yantra comes as a set to enhance the positive energies of your house and bring prosperity and abundance.
  • Sphatik (Crystal Quartz) Lord Gaensha, Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati idols on designer german silver thali are auspicious to keep at home and for gifting to your loved ones
  • Set of three designer German Silver offering bowls on designer thali makes your offering to the deities more divine.
  • German silver pedestal for seating your deity idols, Shree Yantra, Shaligram stone, etc.