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About Gomutra Gomed Stone

Gomutra Gomed Stone

Gomed also called Hessonite comes in different variants such as African Gomed stone, Indian Gomed stone, Ceylon Gomed and Gomutra Gomed. These Gomed stones are differentiated on the basis of their origin as their color and composition differ accordingly. Known for its mystic properties of curing various health disorders and the negative effect of planet Rahu, Gomutra Gomed is a gemstone found in the beautiful shade of yellowish brown.

Astrological Importance

According to Vedic astrology, Gomed gemstone is associated with planet Rahu and is worn to negate its malefic effects. It has the capacity to heal the wearer both physically and mentally. Rahu is a shadow planet which disrupts the peace and increases secretiveness in the native if it is on an unfavorable position in the birth chart. Wearing Gomutra Gomed can reduce these effects to a certain extent and calm the mind.

Gomutra Yellow Gomed Stone Benefits

  • Protection from negative and malicious energies
  • Relief from mental health issues like anxiety and depression
  • Enhanced concentration and ability to accomplish goals
  • Notably improved progress on professional front
  • Financial growth and upgraded social status
  • Confidence to start new business or venture and get success

Health Benefits of Gomutra Gomed

Among the semi-precious stones that are used or worn for healing, Gomed is also beneficial for health. It cures physical ailments such as epilepsy, skin allergies, mental disorders, fatigue and more. It also helps boost the overall health of wearer.

Astrological Benefits

  • Effective for removing the malefic and attracting the beneficial effects of planet Rahu
  • Safeguards the wearer from any black magic or curses
  • Brings love and harmony between husband and wife
  • Stimulates the relationship and brings marital happiness
  • Protects from hidden enemies and helps gain victory over them
  • Gives name, fame and speedy success
  • Mental stability and capability to take accurate decisions
  • Unexpected gains and better presence of mind

Chakra Benefits

A human body is governed by seven energy centres called as Chakras. They regulate the functioning of various parts of the body and have an impact on mental health too. Gomed is useful for balancing Sahasrara Chakra which is also known as Crown Chakra. It is located at the crown of our head and symbolizes the Highest level of consciousness & our connection with the Divine power. A balanced Sahasrara Chakra lets you experience the state of pure consciousness and self-awareness. If this Chakra is imbalanced or inactivated, it can cause problems like depression, migraine, skin diseases, epilepsy, negative feelings and thoughts, etc.

Gomed can be worn as per RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) to imbibe the best therapeutic benefits and balance your Crown Chakra. RRST is a scientific healing method created by Rudra Centre to tap the 100% potential of a gemstone and cure the ailments. You can connect with our experts to seek advice and guidance for wearing Gomed stone as per RRST.

Gomutra Gomed Pricing and Buying Guide

Available in the shades of brown to yellow, Gomutra Gomed Stone Price varies according to the carat, cut, size and shape of the gemstone. The clarity of the stone is also one of the important factors that determine the price. Gemstones should be always brought from an authentic seller since the fake ones are not effective. A genuine supplier provides the certificate of authenticity along with the gemstone so make sure you ask for that. Untreated and non-heated gemstones should be preferred because heating the gemstone reduces its clarity & effectiveness as well.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is the pioneer supplier of high quality gemstones, spiritual products and Rudraksha beads. We only sell natural gemstones that are unheated and non-treated with the certificate of authenticity. With our worldwide shipping, you can order from anywhere and we will deliver the items safely to you. We also offer various making options like ring and pendant for Gomutra Gomed stone in gold and silver. For best results, you can also wear the Gomutra Gomed stone as per RRST by booking consultation with our experts.

How, when and who should wear Gomutra Gomed Stone?

Gomutra Gomed stone can be worn as a ring, pendant or bracelet as per your choice and convenience. Although this stone can be worn regardless of the birth chart, it is always recommended to consult an astrologer or expert to avoid any negative effects.

It should be worn if planet Rahu is ill-positioned on the natal chart and also when the Crown Chakra is imbalanced. Students, researchers, government employees, politicians, lawyers, etc. can wear Gomed gemstone to bring the desired changes in personal and professional life.

Care Instructions

Wipe the gemstone with a dry cloth to clean any dust and do not use substances like vinegar as it may lead to corrosion.