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Green Jade Bracelets

Green jade is a stone of abundance and good luck. It brings calm, peace and serenity. It harmonizes and balances internally. It is a gemstone which protects from harm, helps to release negative energies while exudes energies of love and compassion and helps to harness these energies. The nurturing quality of this gemstone is very well known. It is an excellent gemstone for attracting friends and healing relationships. It draws good luck and is said to be stone which increases longevity. It stimulates the wearer with fertile and innovative ideas. It is a stone of knowledge gained in tranquility of the mind. It aids in connecting with the spiritual realm and self realization. It is popularly known as ‘dream stone’, because it brings meaningful dreams.

Green jade Nephrite variety is chiefly found in China, Burma, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Zimbabwe, the USA and New Zealand. Deposits of green Jadeite variety are in Burma mainly, with countries like Canada, Japan, Russia and the USA producing it. The most magnificent green jade stone is the Emerald Green Imperial Jade which is a rare semi transparent to translucent Jadeite, which is said to be the costliest among green gemstones.

Green Jade Bracelet Prices

Green jade bracelets price range depends upon the stringing style, material used, carats, no, of beads used and more. We also provide green jade gemstones in different cuts and carats ranging from 3 carat to over 10 carats.

Where to buy Green jade bracelet?

Rudra Centre offers an exclusive range of beautifully strung and unpolished natural green jade stone bracelets as recommended in Vedic astrology. We provide flawless, brilliant, non-heat treated and non-color enhanced green jade gemstones with certificate from Govt. certified laboratories. With more than a decade of experience and research on gemstones we also provide you the right methodology to wear the stone in the right manner so as to derive maximum benefits.

Why we wear Green jade bracelet?

Green jade will help one get rid of unnecessary energies, which will also reduce the impact of negative karmic influences. It’s actually a very supportive stone when you are adjusting to new situations or surroundings and resolving negative circumstances, especially when it comes to your personal life. It will keep you strong and optimistic when you find yourself in a negative love situation, and encourage you to have a healthier and more positive outlook to life, this will make you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and it will encourage you to let go anything that no longer belongs in your heart.

What are Green jade healing properties?

At a physical level, green jade has purifying qualities eliminating toxins and acts on the elimination and filtration process of the body. It aids in fertility and childbirth too. It is said to heal ailments of the kidneys, spleen, liver and adrenal glands. It also helps to balance body fluids.

At chakra level, the green jade gemstone unblocks Anahata (Heart) chakra. It is said that when the heart is healed, everything else is healed too. Green jade largely contributes to this aspect in a major way, being a powerful lucky charm that attracts fulfillment of desires. Green jade gemstone helps the wearer to be more loving and emotive to nature and to world. It removes feelings of grief, depression, loneliness or fear appear by balancing the Heart chakra, inducing overall happiness in life.

Wearing green jade is considered to be good for the physical heart and emotional harmony. Green jade is physically used to heal lung problems, kidney problems, immune system weakness and nervous system overwork.

Why to wear energized Green jade from Rudra Centre?

At Rudra Centre green jade is pre-energized as per Vedic rituals and can be worn immediately, on ring finger only for best results. One may additionally chant the seed (beej) mantra “YAM” 108 times before wearing. It is important to wear duly energized green jade because it ensures that the Shakti or the maximum potential of the gemstone is fully activated versus a non energized gemstone found elsewhere. Thus the gemstone becomes a powerful talisman suitable to be worn by any person irrespective of his birth chart.

How to wear Green jade stone?

Rudra Centre offers multiple options for wearing your green jade jewelry. We have multiple designs to choice from to encase your green jade in a beautiful ring, earning, necklace, pendant, locket or bracelet, which can be made in silver or gold.

How to clean Green jade?

To clean green jade, gently soak it in water with a mild detergent. Use a bowl of water, never soak it or wash it in (or near) the sink. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the dirt from behind the ring, rinse off the soap and pat it dry with a clean cloth.

How can I authenticate original and fake Green jade?

Rudra Centre provides a Certificate of Authenticity from the Govt. recognized laboratory. Authentic and natural green jade soothing green color ranges dark to light or pale, and even translucent jade. It has two different mineral varieties: one is Nephrite, which is a silicate of calcium and magnesium and the other is Jadeite, which is a silicate of sodium and aluminum. This last one, the Jadeite is harder, rare and costlier than the Nephrite variety. Notwithstanding both are durable, hard and though with Nephrite being 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, while Jadeite being 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale and denser too. Also jade gemstone is found in many other colors like pink, blue, purple, yellow, red, brown, black and orange.