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About Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) Stone

Green Tourmaline is a semiprecious gemstone, also called Verdelite, found in colours ranging from light green to vivid Emerald green and also in Olive. Derived from the Boron Silicate family with many metals. The healing properties include creativity, innovative ideas, expression, is like a power bank providing vitality and detoxification in personal or professional space. It has been a favourite jewellery stone since olden times, because of its lustrous colour.


Natural Green Tourmaline stone price per gram, is primarily dependant on the colour factor, besides size, cut, clarity. Brazilian Verdelite Tourmaline gemstone price or cost is most valuable. The rare Chrome Green Tourmaline is much in demand because of lustrous colour, similar to Emerald, caused by presence Chromium and Vanadium metals. Because of ample availability, rough Green Tourmaline value per carat is reasonable. Natural Green Tourmaline stone price per gram increases when the cut stone is clear and transparent.


As per Vedic Astrology, it is associated with Planet Mercury (Budha Graha), whose character depicts cleverness, intellect, wit, and humour, along with certain indecisiveness. When the placement of Mercury is weak in a native's Birth-chart or Kundli, are advised to wear this stone to get relief from malefic effects of the Planet. For favourably placed Budha Graha in the Natal chart, Green Tourmaline is worn to further enhance qualities like creativity, logic, stamina, sharp mind etc. This gemstone is often worn as a substitute for Emerald in Indian Astrology, as Emerald is an expensive stone.

The Green Tourmaline is suitable for those born in the Rashi or Zodiac of Gemini and Virgo and gives favourable results. Only the best quality Green Tourmaline should be worn for Astrological remedy. Treated and heated gemstones fail to give the desired outcome, so only natural gemstones should be worn.

Where to buy Green Tourmaline Ring?

Rudra Centre has a collection of superior quality lustrous, flawless, Green Tourmaline gemstone, in different sizes and neat cuts. Choose your preference and buy Green Verdelite online with us. Our skilful in house jewellers can make the Green Tourmaline Ring. All our gemstones are pre-energized and ready to wear.

Green Tourmaline for which Chakra?

Green Tourmaline activates, energises the Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, which is the seat of unconditional love, compassion, trust, forgiveness etc. When the Heart Chakra gets blocked, the person runs into disharmony and faces woes in relationships and many other aspects of life. When it is worn, it helps to bring the original nature of the person back and he or she operates out of love and compassion. (Click here to know about the Chakras in details).

Where to Wear Green Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline is worn as Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants which look attractive and serve the purpose. Some are of the opinion that wearing it as a necklace keeps the gemstone near the Anahata(Heart) Chakra which works favourably.


For the best results, use the stone as a ring or a pendant as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST- a scientific healing method devised by Rudra Centre). Gemstones, worn as per RRST methods, give positive results to the wearers. For getting the best results by wearing Green Tourmaline, contact us as our team of experts will guide you through wearing it as per RRST. (Click here to know about RRST)


When worn the Green Tourmaline has many benefits.

  • It protects from ill effects of malefic Planet Mercury.
  • This stone is said to attract prosperity, good luck and abundance.
  • It balances the male and female aspects of our energies.
  • Creative visualization, innovative ideas, intelligence, humour are gifts of the Green Tourmaline.
  • It helps to release stress or anxiety and brings relief to the mind.
  • It strengthens the Nervous system, boosts stamina, energy and good for chronic fatigue.
  • The gemstone gives harmonious and loving relationships.
  • It is said to aid regeneration of cells, heals asthma, intestine and stomach problems etc.
  • Loose Green Tourmaline is used by healers to cleanse the energy and draw positive and peaceful energies.


Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience.

At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and gemstones. For this, we have skilled artisans who are trained in thread, gold and silver artworks and follow Rudraksha stringing as per RRST.