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Haldi Kumkum Containers

What is a Haldi Kumkum Container?

Haldi Kumkum Container usually has two small compartments for storing Haldi and Kumkum powder. Single containers are also available for storing the Haldi and Kumkum separately. These days designer Haldi Kumkum sets are used as they are beautifully styled. Haldi and Kumkum are an essential part of daily puja rituals in Hindu homes. The containers come in handy and make it easy to take smaller amounts of Haldi and Kumkum to apply to the deity idols while worshipping.

Types of Haldi Kumkum Containers

Container Sets

Haldi Kumkum Containers either come in single pieces or sets of two to three containers. At Rudra Centre, we have beautifully crafted container sets made in brass, copper and wood. They are decorated with colourful accessories that add vibrancy to the Puja Thali. When placed in the puja altar, such Haldi Kumkum container sets look great.

Containers in Pure Silver

We have Haldi Kumkum containers made in pure Silver to last long and bring a divine touch to the puja thali and altar too. The Silver containers are also apt for gifting to dear ones on auspicious occasions or distributing to the ladies during the Haldi Kumkum celebrations on Makar Sankranti. They are useful for storing items like Haldi, Kumkum, Sandal paste, Abeer, Akshat (rice grains), etc. You can get these containers in various shapes and attractive designs in our collection.

Containers with Plate

The containers come with a plate that can be used while performing a Puja or other holy rituals. They are available in German Silver, Brass and more with simple patterns as well as elegant designs. It is a complete set for use in daily Puja and special events. These sets are made in different shapes of high-quality material to last a long time.

Containers with auspicious symbols

Simple containers with symbols like “Om”, Ganesha image, etc. embossed on the lid are also available in our collection. They are perfect for everyday use, easy to clean and made to last.

Floral design Containers

Beautifully made containers with floral designs and meenakari art on the lids look attractive. They can also be used as Sindoor boxes so one can do fancy Kumkum box online shopping at Rudra Centre. The delicate designs are crafted by skilful artisans who have been in the field for years. Also, the designer Kumkum box sets in pure Silver can be found in our collection at minimal prices. The top-quality containers are essential for use during daily Puja practices and different colours and embellishments enhance their design.

Uses of Haldi Kumkum Container

  • Puja ingredients like Haldi (turmeric), Kumkum, Akshat, etc. is stored in the container
  • Females can store Sindoor (Vermillion) in these containers
  • It can be gifted on auspicious ceremonies

Where should we keep the Haldi Kumkum Container?

It is usually a part of the Puja Thali and kept in the storage compartment of a puja altar or on the altar in front of the God idols. If other items like Vermillion are stored in the container then they can be kept on the dressing table or as per the choice of the user.

Where to buy Haldi Kumkum Containers online?

Puja accessories are an integral part of any puja ritual so it is important to buy such products from genuine sellers. Firstly, reading the reviews and checking the ratings of the seller will help in knowing if the seller is trustworthy. Another thing is to connect with the seller and verify if they have the actual products as shown in the images. Top-quality Haldi Kumkum Containers can be bought from a trusted and certified organization like Rudra Centre.

Why Rudra Centre is the best place to buy Haldi Kumkum Box online?

With over 22,000+ positive reviews from satisfied clients across the world, we aim at providing only the best spiritual products. We have the largest and the most diverse range of Haldi Kumkum Containers with exceptionally smart designs. From simplistic patterns to detailed textures, we have all types of Haldi Kumkum Containers for puja rituals and other purposes. They are priced reasonably and their rates may fluctuate if they are made in Silver. Their compact size makes them convenient for using and storing at home. Plain and embellished Haldi Kumkum Containers are included in our range. With different varieties of container sets and decorative Puja Thalis, this category gives a wide array of puja accessories to choose from. Buy Haldi Kumkum Container online from us and receive the order at your home.

What other items can be stored in the Haldi Kumkum Container?

Puja ingredients and vermillion can be stored in the Haldi Kumkum Container. One can also store camphor tablets in these small containers as they are required while performing Aarti. Cotton Wicks can also be kept in this container.