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Heart Locket -The Symbol of Love

The heart has a beautifully symbolic meaning in everyone's life, and is associated with love and feminine beauty. The shape of a heart has an amazing appeal especially when it is carved into fine jewelry. If you are looking for the right gift for your better half or a girl who deserves to bear a very attractive and beautiful jewelry, you should have a look at the new collection launched by Rudraksha Ratna. It comprises selected heart pendants that are available in gold and silver to make it a gift of a lifetime.

The beautiful heart lockets are carved in precious metals in finest designs. The heart pendant in silver is made from the finest raw material and is intricately designed. The best part of the heart locket in silver is that it is available in multiple designs to give a varied option for you to select the one you desire the most. A delicate silver heart pendant in a simplistic design is available in two sizes, big and small, to suit the requirement. They can be attached to a red, black thread or to a snake silver chain to add to the glorifying beauty of your neckline. Also, there is a pendant which is available in a design of leaf inscribed over it where the heart pendant can be opened. It makes for a fitting gift for a loved one. The attractive pendant in silver is not just restricted to a leaf like design but is also available in two enchantingly mesmerizing designs that will surely add sparkles to your jewelry collection.

But the beauty of any precious jewelry isn't complete unless it is made is a glossy gold material. Be it a gold finish or a pure gold jewelry, it has a niche of its own in the eyes of every viewer. The heart pendant in gold is one such amazing piece of art that has intricate designer hearts showing love and affection to the core. Heart locket in gold has the surety of using 100% pure gold for its detailed work.