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About Hessonite Garnet Stone (Ceylon Gomed)


Hessonite Garnet stone is a semi-precious gemstone with significance in Vedic Astrology. In Indian Gemstone market, it is commonly called Gomed. The attractive honey colour or Reddish-Orange and Yellow- Orange colour Gomed stone is a Garnet and part of the Grossular mineral family. The Hessonite stone has the chemical composition of Calcium Aluminum Silicate and the presence of traces of Iron is what gives the colour of the Ceylonese Hessonite. The name Hessonite is said to be derived from the Greek term 'esson', which means inferior or lower. It is mined in countries like Brazil, California, Madagascar, India, with Sri Lanka (Ceylon) being the primary producer of the best quality Gomed, due to which is also called Cinnamon Stone. Ceylon Gomed stone price is above the normal Gomed price in India. It is mostly Reddish Brown in colour. The Ceylon Hessonite is associated with the Sahashara Chakra or Crown Chakra. This stone is cut into various shapes, like, Cusion, Round, Oval, Octagonal and other shapes.

Original Gomed Stone Price

The original Gomed stone price depends on the various factors such as colour, clarity, weight and cut of the gemstone. As Gomed stone is an important stone in Vedic Astrology, the Gomed Ratna price in India depends on the quality of the gemstone. Gomedhikam stone price also depends on its place of origin, so, Ceylon Gomed price is higher as Ceylon Hessonite is of the finest quality. As far as colour is concerned, it is said that Hessonite price of clear Cow's urine colour is valued more.

Gomed (Hessonite) Stone in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the Hessonite is ruled by Planet Rahu, which is a shadow Planet, considered the head of a Dragon, the North node of Moon. Rahu is known to be a malefic Planet and if Rahu is placed in a weak position in the Kundli or birth-chart of a native then it may cause many woes, fall in social position, physical ailments and unhappy, secretive, sudden situations, causing many challenges in life for the native.

The Ceylonese Hessonite is advised by Astrologers to such natives to provide relief from the malefic effects of Planet Rahu, a reason for which Gomed is also called Rahu Ratna in India. The healing Gomed stone can also be worn to enhance the power of Rahu if it is benefice in a person's birth-chart. The Gomed stone should be worn after consulting a qualified Astrologer. As Ceylonese Hessonite is superior quality, so this is the preferred by Astrologers and ideally should be worn, even if Hessonite Garnet price per carat seems high. The maximum outcome manifests when it is the best quality of Gomed stone, which is available at best quality Gomed stone price. It is recommended to Buy the gemstone at Gomedhikam stone cost from a reputed jeweller/shop so that the purpose of wearing the Gomed is not defeated.

It is worn as Ring or Bracelet usually, in Gold or Silver, when suggested by Astrologer. The Ceylon Gomed Ring is usually worn in the Index finger or as per Astrologer's guidance.

Rudra Centre offers a collection of untreated and unheated Ceylonese Gomed, to be worn for Astrological purpose. We offer natural and original Ceylon Hessonite gemstones which are available in various weights, are flawless, cut into various shapes, which can be made into Rings, Bracelets, Pendants. Original Gomed stone price that we offer is the best Gomed stone price. Rest assured that our Hessonite Garnet price per carat or Gomed stone price per Ratti, is the most reasonable compared to Ceylon Gomed gemstone price in India. The other facility we provide gives you the choice to get the Ring, Bracelet, Pendant made from our expert in house jewellers after selecting the design of your choice from our catalogue. You may buy Hessonite online from us and expect your choice of natural stone to be delivered safely, within 2-3 days of placing your order. The Ceylonese Hessonite, when you buy from us are pre-energized and therefore ready to use.

Benefits of Ceylonese Hessonite (Gomed)

  • It gives tremendous relief from mental stress and anxiety.
  • It changes the negative, obsessive and depressive way of thinking, with positivity.
  • Wearing Gomed releases fear or hesitation and re-establishes the confidence in a person.
  • New ideas, growth of mind, increased awareness are gifts of Gomed stone.
  • Wearing Gomed clears confusion and gives clarity of thoughts.
  • You can expect a sudden receiving of money and success in new endeavours.
  • When worn, protects from the evil eye, black magic and such energies.
  • It is said that when worn by students, it helps to fetch good marks in exams.
  • Many physical ailments can be healed by wearing Gomed stone, like, skin disease, Asthama, indigestion etc. It is said that Gomed may even help in healing mouth Cancer.