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Knowledge Yantra Kits

What is a Knowledge/ Saraswati Yantra Kit?

Knowledge Yantra Kit is an all-inclusive solution for students and learners to enhance concentration, remove understanding gaps, and achieve big goals in education. The main deities who bestow the blessings of wisdom are Goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Gayatri. In this Kit, we have put together all the items of worship of the respective deities. Blessed and energized according to Vedic rituals, the Knowledge Yantra Kit is the ultimate key to acquiring enhanced success in education and career. Moreover, the obstacles that come in the way of acquiring success in education and career are also cleared away by the divine deities. It is a very useful present or gift for your family members, friends, and loved ones who are struggling or the ones who have big goals in the academic field. The Kit is designed with the intention of saving the time of customers and giving a hassle-free spiritual shopping experience.

What do we provide in the Knowledge/ Saraswati Yantra Kit?

The Knowledge Yantra Kit consists of Pocket size Yantras of Shri Ganesh, Shri Saraswati and Shri Gayatri, Devi’s Chunri, Dhoop Sticks, Akshat (rice grains), Sandal paste, Lotus Seed Mala of 27+1 beads, CD on Chants for Wisdom, Devi Stuti Book and Guru Yantra Copper Locket. These items come packed in an elegantly designed sturdy box. It can be used later for storing the Mala or Locket. The Yantras are finely made and their divine mystical geometry emits transformational energies. Every item that is required for worshipping the deities of wisdom is included in this Kit. It brings the divine grace and gives combined benefits of Saraswati Yantra, Ganesh Yantra and Gayatri Yantra. The dwelling is filled with positive vibrations that help the worshipper succeed in life. It is just the perfect Kit for those who are studying or building a career in creative fields like music, art, dance, etc. The Yantras, Mala, Locket and prayer book need to be handled properly and stored in a sacred place. Especially the Yantras carry highly elevated energies of the governing deities.

Benefits of Knowledge/ Saraswati Yantra Kit

  • It bestows knowledge and intelligence
  • It enhances the intellect of the sadhaks/worshippers
  • It blesses with excellent intuition
  • It improves the memory and helps build focus
  • It removes obstacles from the path of gaining success
  • It helps attain Siddhi (accomplishments and skills) and makes the sadhaks/worshippers wise
  • It gives the creative power and enriches with the ability to learn
  • It brings success in all endeavours of life
  • It develops brilliant grasping power in the sadhaks/worshippers
  • It is good for improving speech and learning new forms of art
  • It cultivates the interest in students for studying

Knowledge Yantra Kit Uses

Yantras are useful for worshipping and invoking the presence of Gods and Goddesses. Mala can be used for mantra chanting and the Yantra Locket has to be worn every day. It can also be kept in the wallet or purse if an individual is not able to wear it. The CD is for listening to the mantras and the prayer book comes in handy while performing the worship rituals. It is a convenient Kit for daily puja of the Gods and Goddesses of intelligence.

Placement of Knowledge/ Saraswati Yantra Kit

The placement of items like Yantras, Mala and Yantra Locket in the Kit plays a significant role in enhancing its power. This Kit carries pocket-sized Yantras that are suitable for keeping in your pocket, wallet, purse or handbag. They can also be installed in the puja altar or at the entrance of the home/office. The Mala should be kept in a safe place as it is used for Mantra Jaap (chanting). Yantra Locket is worn around the neck for seeking the blessings of the ruling deity of the Yantra.

Why buy Energised Knowledge/ Saraswati Yantra Kit?

Energized Knowledge Yantra Kits are always preferable over non-energized kits due to their rapid effectiveness. The energizing process is done by Rudra Centre Pundits who are experienced and recite the mantras and carry out the required rituals effectively. This makes the Yantras, Mala and Yantra Locket more powerful and they give transformational results and miraculous happenings are also possible. Checking the genuineness of the dealer/seller is also important to get an energized Knowledge Yantra Kit.

Why buy the Knowledge Yantra Kit from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre presents Knowledge Yantra Kits for scholars, knowledge seekers, students, artists and all the individuals who wish to learn. We have the most perfectly inscribed Yantras as per Vedic scriptures and energized by our well-versed Pundits. Every item in the Kit has gone through a strict quality check before it is available for selling. Our spiritual products are authentic and we have gained strong credibility by serving millions of customers over the years. Buy Knowledge Yantra Kit online from us today and get it delivered to your doorstep with our safe and speedy delivery.

Knowledge Yantra Kit Price

The price of the Knowledge Yantra Kit can vary as per the prices of the items in it. All the products are made to last with supreme quality materials which makes it true to the price.