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Lord Buddha Idols

Siddhartha Gautam commonly known as The Buddha was a philosophical master who is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The name “Buddha” means “the enlightened one” who has liberated from the cycle of birth and death and attained the state of complete enlightenment. He is the one who has reached beyond the bondages of Karma. The founder of Buddhism, Lord Buddha preached the teachings of peace and harmony. His philosophy revolved around the sufferings in human life and the state of Nirvana where all the miseries come to an end.

Buddhism has a humongous following in the entire world and the followers of this religion are called “Buddhists”. He taught various methods of meditation that lead to salvation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. The followers of Buddhism back then were strictly adhering to the teachings and training given by Buddha as it helped them to progress spiritually. In the modern times, both Buddhists and Non-Buddhists keep Buddha idols in home to invite peace and positivity to the home. Buy Gautam Buddha murti online from Rudra Centre.

Idols and Murtis of Lord Buddha in Different Design and Sizes

Lord Buddha idols are sculpted in different types of designs and various sizes and they are beautiful art pieces that bring an aesthetic vibe to the home décor. The Buddha is depicted in a diverse range of postures which is known as “Mudra”. Following are the types of Buddha statues:

Meditating Buddha

This type of statues show Buddha in a meditative state with his eyes closed and his palms resting on the lap. He is shown seated with legs crossed and his posture radiates a sense of calmness.

Abhay Mudra

Abhay Mudra means the right palm of the Buddha is open and the left hand rests on his lap. It symbolizes the positive energies that flow in the house.

Vitarka Mudra

The Buddha idol in Vitarka Mudra features the Buddha seated peacefully and the index finger is joined to the thumb in such a manner that a circle is formed. It enables the energies to flow without causing any sort of fear whereas the rest of the three fingers signify the knowledgeable teachings of Buddha.

Varda Mudra

Varda Mudra is the position where the index finger and thumb of the right hand are joined to form a circle. The left hand of Buddha lies on his lap and his eyes are closed as he sits in a complete tranquil state. It represents the kindness and compassion of Lord Buddha.

Sleeping Buddha

Buddha depicted in sleeping state with his right palm pointing downwards and left hand lying on the lap. It is a symbol of sheer peace and creates a balanced flow of energies in the dwelling.

Reclining Buddha

The reclining posture of Buddha is from the days when he was physically weak and he is displayed in a sleeping position with his right hand giving support to his head. It symbolizes the liberation of soul from the unending cycle of rebirth.

Head of Lord Buddha

The Buddha Head makes for a perfect home décor piece as it not only looks artistically appealing but also carries energies that bring contentment to the home. It is widely seen in many Buddhist and Non-Buddhist homes, offices, work spaces, shops, etc. In this type of idols, the Buddha Head is shown with eyes closed and his face exudes so much stillness.

Benefits of Having Lord Buddha Idols at Home or Office

  • Instils inner peace
  • Brings peace and tranquillity to the home
  • Fills the surroundings with positive vibrations
  • Gives out calming energies in the dwelling
  • Energizes the space where you place it
  • Maintains a balance of energies that are essential for good mental and physical health
  • Develops a positive outlook towards life
  • Reduces stress by bringing serenity
  • Brings enlightenment to the home

Statues and Idols of Lord Buddha for Sale

Exquisite idols of Lord Buddha are available at Rudra Centre for sale. The idols are stunning pieces of art created for the purpose of placing in home and other spaces. They are the channel through which positivity travels in the space and the people residing there feel open to accepting knowledge with a fearless mind. Buddha’s profound teachings have the core principle of getting towards Nirvana which is a level where no sufferings exist and the Gautam Buddha idol is a physical representation of him.

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We have a large collection of Lord Buddha idols made beautifully in heavy shining brass. The statues are precisely crafted by skilled artisans who have proven experience in the field. Rudra Centre provides high quality natural gemstones, spiritual items, fresh puja items and God idols for worship and home décor. This range has some of the best idols like Buddha Face Statue made in brass, Gautama Buddha Statue in brass, Hand Buddha with stone work, Golden Lord Buddha Face with stone work, Gautam Buddha Brass Statue with stone decoration, Buddha Face with stone work and Sitting Buddha with stone work. The LordBuddha statuefor home is all you need to amp up your space and bring the divinity. You can feel a strong sense of peace of mind and security as you place the Buddha statue in your home. Gautam Buddha murti price varies according to the design, metal and the complex carvings on the idol.