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About Lord Dattatreya Idols

Lord Dattatreya embodies the divine trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is revered as the Supreme Guru of all creations, Who appeared on Earth to establish Universal Truth, righteousness and cosmic order. He had 24 Gurus (teachers) Who came from nature including fire, sea, wind, sky, python, artisan and bangles thus emphasizing the fact that everything in the Universe is a teacher and one can learn something from it. From the bad things one can learn what flaws to reject and what good qualities one can acquire from good things. Lord Dattatreya gave the world the eight-fold path of Yoga which are integrity, self-discipline, posture, Pranayama, concentration, meditation & contemplation and Samadhi.

Legend of Lord Dattatreya

Sage Narada once narrated the greatness of Anusuya, the wife of Sage Atri to consorts of Tridev, Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati. Hearing about the greatness of Her chastity, all Goddesses decided to test chasity and piousness of Anusuya. They sent their consorts to test her by disguising as hermits. Being a follower of Dharma, Anusuya gladly offered to serve them when they reached her ashram and begged for alms. The Trinity Gods in disguise of hermits surprisingly asked her to serve them food without wearing clothes. Anusuya through Her divine power recognised the Trinity Gods and sprinkled holy water on them to magically transform them into babies. She fed them milk as their own children without clothes and nurtured them. All Trinity Goddesses came to the Atri Ashram enquiring about their husband when They did not return to their abode. The Goddesses got surprised seeing Their consorts transformed into babies and finally understood the power and greatness of Anusuya. They requested Anusuya to transform the Trinity Gods back to their original form from infant form, which she did. All Gods impressed by greatness of Anusuya blessed Her with children, Who would be their combined incarnation. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were all born to sage Atri and Anusuya on Margasirsa, lunar month of Hindu calendar which is celebrated as Datta Jayanti.

Various incarnations of Lord Dattatreya

Lord Dattatreya is believed to have incarnated not once during the Satya Yuga but multiple times to promote the Guru principle and help devotees attain Moksha. Shripad Shrivallabh was the first incarnation in Kaliyuga followed by incarnation as Sri Narasimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj, Shri Manik Prabhu, Akkalkot Swami Samartha, Shirdi Sai Baba and Shri Balchandra Maharaj. Of these the first four incarnations were absolute incarnations while others were partial incarnations of Lord Dattatreya.

Benefits of Having Lord Dattatreya Idols and Worship at Home/ Office

  • Blessings of wisdom, wealth and knowledge
  • Brings success, prosperity and spiritual upliftment
  • Protection from negative energies and fears
  • Relief from ‘pitrushapa’ (curse of decease ancestors)
  • Enhances speech and confidence
  • Brings harmony and spiritual power

Worshipping Lord Dattatreya for relief from ancestral problems

Worship of Lord Dattatreya is especially beneficial in removing Pitru Dosha which can result in problems like delay in marriage, marital disharmony and problems in conceiving. Worshipping Him and chanting His mantra helps reduce distress caused by deceased ancestors, helps repay debt we owe to ancestors and provides momentum and speed to journey of deceased ancestors who are distressed due to being stuck in Nether region because of their unfulfilled desires and helps them reach next high level. This in turn results in relief from Pitru Dosha and blessings of growth, peace, marital harmony and progeny.

Significance of Lord Dattatreya Idols

Lord Dattatreya is depicted having three heads which symbolize the principles of Trinity Gods, Brahma, Vishu and Shiva. The water pot and rosary that He holds in His hands are symbols of Lord Brahma and is significant of sacrifice and continuous spiritual practice respectively. The discus and Conch are symbols of Lord Vishnu and Trident and drum are symbols of Lord Shiva. The hanging cloth bag He carries is symbolic of elimination of ego because He used to ask for alms from door to door thus eliminating any ego. The four dogs are symbolic of four Vedas and the cow standing behind Him represents Kamdhenu, thus blessings of wish-fulfilment.

How to Worship Lord Dattatreya

Installing Lord Datta murti brass/stone and performing His ritualistic worship in specific manner helps imbibe the Dattatreya Tattva (principle of Deity) to the maximum.

  • Apply Urdhva Pundra Tilak using sandal paste on forehead with ring finger of right hand of self
  • Offer Jasmine or Tuberose flowers in multiple of seven to Lord Dattareya idol
  • Wave two incense sticks holding them between the thumb and index finger of right hand and wave it three times in clockwise pattern.
  • You can also offer fragrance of Veitiver to the Deity idol
  • Light lamp and sing Dattareya Aarti
  • Circumambulate around Lord Dattareya idol around 7 times
  • Chant the mantra ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ continuously for some time to attract boundless grace of Lord Dattatreya
  • Offer prayers requesting Him to provide your protection and to invoke the attitude and ability to imbibe positive virtues from others

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