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Idols and Murtis of Lord Dhanavantri in Different Design and Sizes

Buy the Dhanvantari statue online from Rudra Centre at the best price. The Dhanvantari statues that we offer are magnificently crafted with finesse in brass and are polished well to increase their sheen. These wonderful Dhanvantatri murtis are energized (as per Vedic rituals) and possess the divine energies of Lord Dhanvantari. At Rudra Centre, we have a wide collection of Lord Dhanvantari idols which are available in various sizes and designs. An eye for detailing and the aim to deliver quality with variety is the driving force that keeps us always at our best to come up with a variety of high-quality idols and murtis.

It is believed that installing a Lord Dhanvantari idol in the puja altar of the house or in the office helps to keep negativity and diseases at bay and invites abundant blessings to sadhaks/worshipper's dwelling. Lord Dhanvantri as per Vedic scriptures is the father of medicine, the divine deity who emerged from the Ocean of Milk during the churning of Samudra Manthan with a pot that contained the nectar of immortality. He is one of the most important avatara of Lord Vishnu and the God of Ayurveda. Browse through our divine collection of Dhanvantari Brass idols and buy a Dhanvantari murti online of your choice.

Benefits of Having Lord Dhanavantri Idol at Home and Office

Lord Dhanvantari, the God of Ayurveda and an important avatar of Lord Vishnu is known to offer many benefits to the ones who offer prayers and worship to Him daily. Given below are a few of the many benefits Lord Dhanvatri offers as a blessing when we install His idol/murti at home or office

  • Chanting the Dhanvantari mantra helps remove mental impurities and establishes the focus
  • Helps to revitalize the senses
  • Boost’s energy levels and enhances confidence
  • Improves health and keeps diseases away
  • Removes negative energies, brings peace of mind and spreads the energy of harmony in the house and office
  • Helps to maintain peaceful relationships
  • Helps to keep the mind free of irrational thoughts
  • Praying over the Dhanvantari idol also helps to remove fears and sets one free from all the insecurities
  • Offers a clear vision and makes one sharp
  • Helps to make a wise decision
  • Invites positivity
  • Attracts prosperity and offers riches
  • Brings happiness to life
  • Makes one emotionally strong and helps to balance emotions
  • Elevates one spiritually

We at Rudra Centre not only offer Dhanvantari statues online but also make sure that all the Dhanvantari murtis are energized and blessed by our in-house pundits before they are dispatched to the clients.

Why buy an energized Lord Dhanvantari statue?

Buy Dhanvantari idol online through Rudra Centre. Our exclusive range of Dhanvantari murtis that we have showcased on our website is available at the best price online. Energizing an idol or a murti activates Lord Dhanwantri energy that starts working automatically towards fulfilling the desires of the worshipper and spreads positive energies wherever it is placed. Purchasing energized products online through us can be directly installed as they do not require additional prana pratishtha ritual to be performed.

Statues and Idols of Lord Dhanavantri for Sale

We at Rudra Centre have a huge collection of Dhanvantari statues for sale. All the statues and idols of Lord Dhanvantari that we offer to our clients are well sculpted and high quality is maintained.

Why Buy from us

Buy the Dhanvantari idols online by visiting our website. Rudra Centre is renowned over the years and has established a niche in the market through the variety and quality of products and services we offer.

There are many reasons to shop or buy from us, here are a few reasons why:

  • The Dhanvantari statues that we at Rudra Centre offer are energised and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. These pundits are highly experienced and are highly knowledgeable. The quality and authenticity of the products and services are what we never compromise on.
  • We are the pioneer and market leader who deal in a wide variety of spiritual and religious products and services.
  • Our in-house packaging team makes sure that the products we offer are packaged appropriately. We also offer placement instructions of the idol if inquired by our clientele so that the idol is accurately installed and our clients receive optimum benefits from it.