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Kuber is the Lord of Wealth and the god-ruler of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu mythology. Kuber is the ruler of wealth and fortunes is a demi-god in Hinduism. Kuber involves an extremely important position in Hindu mythology for his continuous says in the epic Ramayana as the God of gold and riches. Hindus revere Kuber as the treasurer of riches and bestower of wealth, alongside Goddess Lakshmi before Diwali on the Dhanteras day.

This custom of worshiping Lakshmi and Kuber together is in prospect of multiplying the advantages of such requests to God. He is viewed as the official of the North and a defender of the world. His numerous designations praise him as the overlord of various semi-divine species and the proprietor of the fortunes of the world. Kuber is regularly delineated with a stout body, decorated with gems, and conveying a cash pot and a club. Initially portrayed as the head of malice spirits in Vedic-time writings, Kuber procured the status of a Deva (god) in the Puranas and the Hindu legends. Depictions of the "brilliance" and "wonderful qualities" of Kuber's city are found in numerous sacred writings. Get yourself favoured with all of the wealth on the planet by getting Idol of Lord Kuber exhibited by Rudra Centre.