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About Lord Kuber Idols

Lord Kuber Idols

Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and bestows the devotees with riches and prosperity in abundance. He is depicted as a God with a big belly and holds a bag of money or pomegranate in his hand. Usually, he is in the sitting position and seated on a pedestal or lotus. He is the treasurer of the gods and has been mentioned in the various Hindu/Vedic texts.

We, at Rudra Centre, carry a large collection of Lord Kuber idols in pure heavy brass. Every idol is designed with great creativity and made by the best artisans in the field. The intricate carvings showcase the beautiful craftsmanship involved in making the idols. This collection not only has Lord Kubera statues but also Laxmi and Kuber idols, Kuber idols in beautiful stonework, and many more. The idols look so surreal and bring the blessings of Kuber to one’s dwelling.

Kubera Punji idol, Kuber – Akash Tatva, Kuber Maharaj idols are a part of this exquisite range. Some idols are bejeweled and exude brilliance, while some dazzle beautifully. These Kuber statues are exclusively available at Rudra Centre.

Kuber Idol Benefits

  • It brings wealth and money to your dwelling.
  • It ensures a regular flow of income.
  • Kubera blesses the residents with unending prosperity.
  • It also helps in gaining profits in business.
  • It shows new methods to generate income.
  • It helps in overcoming debts and recovering loans.
  • It lessens the losses and increases the cash inflow.
  • It gives fame and good fortune to the worshipper.

Where to place?

Kubera or Kuvera is believed to draw wealth to your dwelling, and this deity is not just a part of Indian mythology but also related to Vastu. The Kuber idol can be placed in the North corner/direction of your home, office, or shop to attract income flow. As per Vastu, Lord Kubera rules the North zone and brings success with money to the house. It is always advisable to consult an expert before placing a God idol in your space to derive the best benefits of it.

Where to buy it?

Idols of Gods and Goddesses play an important role in the Hindu religion and are worshipped every day. They should be bought from a reputed seller to make sure that it is made of high-quality material. The posture or mudra of the murti (idol) should also be perfect as per the description of the deity in ancient texts.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre offers authentic spiritual products and gemstones sourced from genuine sources. We only sell the highest quality Brass Kuber statue for worship (puja purposes). With over 50,000+ positive testimonials from clients across the globe, we aim at providing the best spiritual items and puja articles. Idols represent the deity and act as a channel for us to communicate with supreme force. Our wonderful range of God idols has idols in various sizes, postures, and designs. These Kubera idols can also be gifted to your dear ones on special religious occasions to bring money and riches.

Kuber Statue Price

Prices of the Kuber idols are variable, and they differ according to the size of the idol, the intricacy of design, and the work done on it. You can buy Kuber murti online from us and be blessed with wealth and unending prosperity.